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Honors Courses

The Honors College provides challenging opportunities for the most highly qualified and motivated students seeking intellectual and personal growth. Honors college courses are designed to to be smaller, more discussion-based, more focused on critical thinking, and more writing intensive than non-Honors sections of the same course.

Honors College students have a wide variety of specially-designed honors courses to choose from, including Honors College seminars, honors versions of existing courses and honors electives. Many honors courses fulfill General Education or Core Curriculum requirements.

Honors Versions of Existing Courses

These courses are special sections of already existing and highly demanded courses at Towson. They offer students the opportunity to take required courses in an enriched, enhanced manner. These courses are designed to be smaller, more discussion-based, more focused on critical thinking, and more writing intensive than non-honors sections of the same course. These courses may satisfy Core Curriculum, General Education, or major requirements.

Honors College Seminars

All Honors College students must complete at least 9 units of Honors College seminars. Honors seminars are typically interdisciplinary courses that are unique to the Honors College. Seminars change every term. The Honors College Seminar List, published each term, explains which courses are offered, what their topics are, and who will teach them. The Honors College seminars may satisfy GenEd/Core requirements; some may count toward required departmental major courses.

Honors College Electives

All students must complete 6 credits of Honors Electives. The following options can be combined to fulfill the 6-credit requirement.

Honors Independent Study/Honors Internship/Honors Directed Reading/Honors Thesis

Honors Independent Study, Honors Internship, Honors Directed Readings, Honors Independent Investigations and Honors Thesis courses are arranged on an individual basis. They give the student an opportunity to work one-on-one with a professor. The courses require the student to complete a written project and a presentation. The written project, presentation, and any other requirements of the course must be designed in consulation with the professor. It is up to the student and professor to arrange a meeting schedule and course calendar.

To enroll in one of these courses, students must submit a syllabus for the course to the Honors College no later than the last day of the Change of Schedule Period for the semester in which they plan to enroll. Syllabus templates are available on the links below.

An Honors Independent Study (HONR 379) gives the student the opportunity to design his or her own course. This is an especially useful option for students who would liket to study a topic in-depth, but there is no current course available that covers the topic. Students often complete a research project as part of HONR 379, but they may design another project (such as a creative project).

An Honors Internship (HONR 493; instructions here) allows the student to learn through professional practice. Students typically set up their own internships. Both paid and unpaid internships are eligible to receive honors credit. Some departments allow students to earn honors credit for departmental internships. Students should contact the Honors College to request approval for honors credit for their internships. Students should submit the syllabus before beginning the internship.

An Honors Directed Readings course (HONR 495) allows the student to review literature on a particular topic, developed in conjunction with the professor. Many students write an annotated bibliography for the course, but students may choose to complete a different written project. Students often enroll in HONR 495 as a way of conducting research for their honors theses.

An Honors Independent Investigations course (HONR 497) is very similar to an HONR 379 course, but it is specifically designed for the student to complete a research project. This is an especially good option for students who wish to complete laboratory research.

An Honors Thesis course (HONR 499) gives the student the opportunity to conduct research and complete an undergraduate thesis under the direction of a professor. Many students complete HONR 499 after enrolling in HONR 495, but it is not required.

Study Abroad

Students participating in minimester or summer study abroad courses may receive 3 units toward their Honors Electives requirements if they complete an approved study abroad project. Honors students participating in a full semester (term) study abroad may receive 6 Honors units if they complete an approved study abroad project. Students participating in Honors College sponsored study abroad programs do not have to complete a separate project to receive honors units.

Honors College Seminars

Honors students may complete an additional 6 units of upper-level Honors College seminars toward their honors electives requirements. These courses have original topics that are based on the instructor's area of interest and incorporate independent writing projects as a part of a culminating activity.

Honors Capstone

Honors capstone options are available for students in select majors. The honors capstone allows students to complete the Honors Electives as part of their major requirements, much like a Department Honors Program. The honors capstone provides students with flexibility in designing a final honors experience that relates to their interests and career goals. Honors capstones result in a significant piece of writing and a public presentation of the work. Honors capstones can range from the traditional thesis to a field experience. Students should contact the following faculty if they are interested in the honors capstone.


Dance Prof. Susan Mann
Elementary Education Prof. Robert Blake
Exercise Science Prof. Jennifer Moxley
Music Education Prof. Alicia Mueller or Prof. Melissa McCabe
Occupational Therapy Prof. Lynne Murphy
Psychology, Clinical Track Prof. Bethany Brand
Special Education Prof. Elizabeth Neville
Sports Management Prof. Jessica Minkove


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