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The Towson UTeach Program gives students the opportunity to explore the profession of teaching in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and to complete teacher certification on a fast track. The program emphasizes solid content knowledge woven with pedagogical instruction specific to science and mathematics. The following curriculum is for students who enrolled as freshmen in fall 2012 or after.

Core Towson UTeach Courses
SEMS 110 * Introduction to STEM Teaching I: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching
SEMS 120 * Introduction to STEM Teaching II: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design
SEMS 230 Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science
SEMS 240 Classroom Interactions
SEMS 250 Perspectives on Science and Mathematics (satisfies Core Curriculum 5)
SEMS 360 Research Methods (satisfies Core Curriculum 9)
SEMS 370 Project-Based Instruction
SEMS 498 Internship in Mathematics and Science Secondary Education
SCED 460 Using Reading and Writing in the Secondary Schools
SCED 461 Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Areas
SCIE 393
MATH 426
Student Teaching in Secondary Education – Science

Student Teaching in Secondary Education – Mathematics
SCIE 430
MATH 430
Seminar in Student Teaching - Science

Seminar in Student Teaching - Mathematics
MATH 290 Functions and Modeling (required for mathematics majors only)

* Transfer students and students who are given permission by the instructor may take SEMS 130 Introduction to STEM Teaching I & II Combined instead of the combination of SEMS 110 and SEMS 120.

Paths to Teacher Certification

There are two paths to earning secondary teacher certification.

Students can pursue teaching certification by majoring in the secondary education concentration in biology, chemistry, earth-space science, mathematics or physics. These are Bachelor of Science degree programs and include all courses required for certification. The Towson UTeach courses are built into the curriculum of these programs.

Or, you can major in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, astronomy or geosciences, and take the additional Towson UTeach core courses for teacher certification.

In addition to completing one of the two above paths, studnets must fulfill the Maryland State Department of Education Certification Requirements Major: Secondary Education (grades 7 - 12)

To help in determining which path is right for you, or to learn more about the program, contact one of the following Towson UTeach Liaisons.

Department Liaison E-mail Phone
Biological Sciences Dr. Cindy Ghent 410-704-5918
Chemistry Dr. Sonali Raje 410-704-4622
Earth-Space Science, Physics, Astronomy or Geosciences Dr. Ronald Hermann 410-704-3011
Mathematics Dr. Sandy Spitzer 410-704-2062
Towson UTeach Ms. Christine Roland
Dr. Linda Cooper

Towson UTeach Program
7800 York Road, Room 386 (campus map)
Phone: 410-704-3817

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Towson UTeach students experience teaching starting in the first semester of their freshmen year.



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