Types of Membership:

As defined in the towson AAUP Constitution, there are two categories of membership contingent solely upon the payment of appropriate dues. All faculty, librarians and academic professionals are automatically members of the Faculty Association of Towson University and are entitled to be represented by the AAUP / Faculty Association. However, only active members are entitled to vote or hold elective office in the chapter.

  1. Active members include any faculty member employed by the University with primary responsibility for classroom teaching who has applied for membership and who has paid or is paying local dues. Librarians, elected department chairpersons, visiting lecturers, and part-time instructors are included in this definition. Full-time members of the University Administration and classified employees of the University are excluded. Only active members may vote in the elections of the Chapter, hold elective office in the Chapter, or in other ways be concerned with the Chapter as a collective bargaining agency.

  2. Non-Bargaining Membership. A non-Bargaining Member is a faculty member as defined in II, A. who has not applied for AAUP membership or who declines to pay local dues. Non-Bargaining Members are entitled to participate in Chapter activities, including service on Committees, but may not vote in Chapter elections, hold elective office in the Chapter, serve on the Steering Committee, nor otherwise participate in the collective bargaining activities of the Chapter.

Becoming an Active Member:

An academic professional may become an active member by paying the annual local dues. These dues are $15. Your check should be made out to“TU AAUP,” and sent to the Towson AAUP Treasurer.

Becoming a National Member:

Towson is not currently a recognized chapter of the National AAUP. However, we strongly support the National in its efforts to fight for academic freedom, shared governance, and other issues affecting all faculty. In order that Towson may utilize the services of the National in the future, we encourage Towson AAUP members to join the National and help establish our AAUP as an active chapter.

Go to the National AAUP website to learn about joining.

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