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General Questions

1. Where is the University Store located? What is the phone number?

The University Store is on the first floor of the University Union building located off of Towsontown Boulevard, Osler Drive and Cross Campus Drive.

Phone number: 410-704-BOOK (2665)

Fax number: 410-704-3482

2. What are the store hours?

Since store hours vary throughout the year, please see the Store Hours page for current hours.

3. What forms of payment are accepted?

The University Store accepts cash, personal checks that are pre-printed with your name and address (a valid TU ID/One Card or driver's license is required), VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Retail Points (One Card).  Payroll checks, "starter" checks & third-party checks are not accepted.

A credit card can only be used by the person whose name appears on the credit card.

A $1 minimum purchase is required to use a credit card.  A valid TU ID (One Card) or current driver's license is required.


Textbook Questions

1. Why should I buy my textbooks at the University Store?

The University Store has the most up-to-date, accurate information direct from the faculty, which means you get the right book for your class. You also benefit from the convenience of on-campus shopping and the opportunity to buy all of your books at the same time.

In addition, all monies are reinvested into Towson University.

2. Who decides what textbooks are required for a course?

The instructor of the course determines the specific required and recommended textbooks for the course. Instructors are responsible for providing the book information to the Textbook Department by an established deadline so that the books are on the shelves when the semester begins.

3. What purchase methods exist to buy textbooks?

Customers have the option of shopping in person or ordering online.

4. How do I know which textbooks to buy? Where are they located in the University Store?

Your course schedule is the key to identifying the textbooks that are needed for each class. Please bring your course schedule with you when purchasing textbooks because it contains the course and section numbers that are needed to identify the required books. The Textbook Department is located at the back of the store and is arranged alphabetically by academic department and numerically by course and section numbers within each academic department. Faculty names are not used to identify courses and textbooks because faculty are sometimes reassigned.

5. What is the recommended best time to buy textbooks?

Textbooks for the fall, spring and summer terms are available for sale one week prior to the first day of classes. Since many changes to course and book information occur before a semester starts, the University Store can be reasonably sure by this date that the correct books are on the shelf and that the majority of new and used books have arrived.

6. How much do textbooks cost?

The average cost of required textbooks and supplies for a full-time student is $400-$500 per term. For more accurate costs, use the online textbook inquiry function.

7. May I reserve textbooks for pick-up?

Textbooks can be reserved for pick-up in the University Store.  Pre-payment is required at the time the order is placed.  VISA, MasterCard, Discover & American Express are accepted.

8. Are used books available? Where are they located?

Yes, used books are available. Since they sell quickly, all used copies are shelved when received with the new books. For the best selection of used books, shop one week before the first day of classes.

9. Can textbooks be returned if a course is dropped or if an instructor is not using the book?

Textbooks can be returned for any reason within the first two weeks of fall and spring classes if:

A) You present the ORIGINAL RECEIPT.

B) New or Used copies are not water damaged.

C) New copies have not been marked in any way including writing, highlighting and underlining.

D) New copies do not have worn, creased, soiled, or dog-eared pages.

E) The shrink wrap has not been removed.

F)  Ancillary materials such as CDs are sealed.

For dropped classes, textooks may be returned within the first four weeks of classes. In addition to the conditions listed above, the "drop" must be verified. Please check your sales receipt for exact refund deadline dates for the current term.

10. Does the University Store buy textbooks back? How much is paid for them?

The University Store has major Book Buybacks during the final exams of both fall and spring terms and also purchases books daily during regular store hours. (see the buyback page for actual dates).

During the end-of-term book buybacks, the University Store pays 50 percent of the new book price for current texts and 33 percent of the new book price on current edition mass market books* if:

A) The store has received a book order from an instructor for the upcoming term AND

B) The store needs copies for its inventory based on enrollment data. When the store's inventory quota is satisfied, buyback prices drop to the wholesale value.

Old edition textbooks are NOT purchased by the University Store or the book wholesaler. Most current edition textbooks not bought back by the University Store will be bought at a wholesale value of 10 percent  to 30 percent of the retail value.

* A mass market book is a pocket size paperback book which is usually pre-priced.

The prices offered for textbooks bought during the Daily Book Buyback are based on a national book wholesaler's buying guide and will fluctuate with demand.

Merchandise Questions

1.  What else does the University Store sell besides textbooks?

The University Store sells a wide variety of insignia clothing, souvenirs, and gifts. For academic needs, study guides, school and art supplies, software and computer supplies are also sold. For our customer’s convenience, the following merchandise is also available:

  • greeting cards/stationery
  • health & beauty aids
  • packing/mailing supplies
  • snacks and beverages
  • magazines
  • graduation regalia and announcements
  • diploma frames

2. Can insignia merchandise be ordered online?

Yes, selected items are available online.

3. Are Gift Cards available?

Gift cards are available in assorted denominations. They may be ordered online:


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