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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common procurement card questions are listed below along with links to the applicable section of the procurement card manual.

May I use the departmentís procard that a coworker has?

No, only the cardholder may make purchases with the procurement card. Ask the cardholder to make the purchase for you.

Why was my card declined?

There may be several reasons why a transaction is declined:

  • Merchant category is blocked by the state or university
  • Exceeds single purchase limit
  • Exceeds monthly credit limit

Contact the university Procurement Card Program Administrator (PCPA), Robert Zengel, x 4-3492, to determine the exact reason for the decline.

Do I need a monthly log if I have no transactions?

Transaction logs must be submitted every month, even when there is no activity.

Why do my logs need to be approved by my reviewer of record?

The most important requirement for the success of the procurement card program is that someone with greater financial responsibility than the cardholder approves procurement card expenditures. This process provides the necessary checks and balances to ensure proper oversight of university funds.

What happens if I lose a receipt?

First, attempt to get a copy from the merchant.  If they will not supply a copy, recreate one with enough information to explain who, what, where, why, when and how much. Document your attempts to get a copy from the vendor. Auditors and reviewers will still find that a receipt is missing, but the transaction will be explained.

How do I get my credit limit increased?

The cardholderís department head should email universityís PCPA, Robert Zengel, with the requested limit and justification for the increase. Cardholders in academic departments must receive approval from the Dean and Budget Manager prior to submitting the request to the PCPA.

Why didnít I get a bank statement this month?

You will not receive a statement for any billing cycle in which there are no transactions posted to your account. If you do not receive a statement by the fifth of the next month, or any time that you are concerned, contact the PCPA at  x4-3492.

Why do I get an error report and all of my information disappears when I reconcile on line?

Check to ensure that you havenít entered an apostrophe or colon. The web system will only accept numbers and letters, no special characters.

Why do I have to use Maryland Correctional Enterprises (MCE) or buy from other contracts that cost more money?

As a part of the University System of Maryland (USM), we are required by law to make all furniture purchases from MCE. Other contracts may be set up to meet Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) or Small Business Reserve (SBR) requirements. As more purchases are made on contracts, more savings are realized.

May I purchase flowers or balloons with my procurement card?

You may purchase these items for a campus-wide event or student event. You may not purchase flowers or balloons as items of sentiment, such as a gift for a sick co-worker.

Why do you always ask about my charges?

The State Comptrollerís Office in Annapolis requests information about specific transactions each month, usually because a merchantís name appears to be a personal purchase. The university PCPA must contact the cardholder to respond.

How long must we keep procurement card records?

Completed procurement card logs and records must be kept in a central location within the department for five years.





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