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Annual Report

The Annual Report is a celebration of the accomplishments of this division and each of its staff. As the university experiences changes and transformations, we are prepared to meet the challenges ahead with the same core values and beliefs that molded this institution into the university that it is today -- beliefs in the significance of service and innovation, the constant pursuit of excellence, and the enduring emphasis of efficiency and effectiveness. 

TU by the Numbers Brochure

The TU by the Numbers brochure contains at-a-glance information on topics of importance at Towson University, including enrollment growth and campus construction.  Copies are available at the information desks in the University Union, West Village Commons and Administration Building. Additional copies can be requested by emailing adminfinance@towson.edu. It is recommended that TU employees keep a copy of the brochure on hand for easy reference. 

Nursing Mothers' Rooms

If you are an expectant mother, or nursing mother, attending school or working at Towson University, you’ll be glad to know that there are now several on-site Nursing Mothers’ Rooms.  All Nursing Mothers’ Rooms provide a private, secure, clean space for breastfeeding mothers; these rooms are available to all Towson University students, faculty, staff and their spouses/domestic partners to provide a comfortable, convenient place on campus for breastfeeding or breast milk pumping.  While some women prefer to nurse their babies in a private, quiet, distraction-free environment, it is important to stress that this is a choice, not a requirement.  The nursing stations are located in five buildings on campus. 

Nursing Mothers’ Room Locations

College of Liberal Arts—Room 2231

West Village Commons—Room 320

Stephens Annex—Room 174 (Coming in October)

Psychology—Room 414A

Administration—Room 109A

Cook Library—208F


Smoke Free Towson Website

Towson University strives to create a Clean, Safe, Pretty and Happy campus environment, and we believe that all members of the campus community are entitled to clean air.  The smoke-free campus policy went into affect August 1, 2010, thereby designating all property owned and operated by Towson University as smoke-free.  The policy was developed in spring 2008 with input from the Student Government Association, University Residence Government, Towson University Staff Council, and University Senate.

Smoke Free Towson








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