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Deaf Studies

Admission to the Major

Students considering the Deaf Studies (DFST) major are encouraged to enroll in DFST 101 Deaf Culture and DFST 104 American Sign Language I. These two courses provide an introductory glimpse into the major and are available to all students on campus. Students who want to declare the DFST major should contact the department's main office to schedule an appointment with an advisor (410-704-4153) or use the "Contact Us" link on this web site. DFST majors are given first priority in scheduling advanced courses in American Sign Language and other courses in the major.

Students wishing to complete a double major are encouraged to make the decision early, in order to have enough time to complete both majors within 8 semesters of study. Students who delay making a decision about a double major should expect to have their graduation delayed.

Once students are admitted to the major, they must complete all DFST courses with a grade equivalent of C (2.00) or higher. The Pass/Fail grading option cannot be used for any DFST courses or other required major courses. Students must also earn a 2.67 (B-) or higher in American Sign Language (ASL) courses in order to progress to the next ASL course. Students can test out of lower-level ASL courses by taking Proficiency Exams or through Credit for Prior Learning Exams. Students who earn a score of 2+ or higher on the American Sign Language Proficiency Interview, (ASLPI), will be placed into DFST 304, (ASL V).


Towson University provides many resources for students taking the Math, Science, English, and Social Science Classes that are required for the Deaf Studies major.  Those resources are posted on the Student Resources page of the College of Health Professions.

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         Deaf Studies students sponsor community events for individuals who are DeafBlind
Deaf Studies students participate in community events for individuals who are DeafBlind    


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