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Department of Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology and Deaf Studies

Deaf Studies

Degree Requirements

Core Requirements (35-37 units)



All DFST students take 21 units of core courses during the first three semesters of study. Students then complete an additional 14-16 units of core courses after selecting their area of focus, or combined major option.

Initial Core Requirements (usually taken in the first 3 semesters of study)

SOCI 101/102  Introduction to Sociology (3) (GenEd II.C.2.)
PSYC 101/102  Introduction to Psychology (3) (GenEd II.C.2.)
DFST 101  Introduction to Deaf Culture (3) (GenEd II.B.3.)
DFST 104  American Sign Language I (3) (GenEd II.C.1.)
DFST 105  American Sign Language II (3) (GenEd II.C.1.)
DFST 210  Career Exploration in Deaf Studies (3)
DFST 204  American Sign Language III (3)

Additional Core Requirements (taken after selecting a DFST area of focus or combined major)

DFST 308  Fingerspelling/Numbers (3)
DFST 345  Deaf Culture (3)
DFST 205  American Sign Language IV (3)
DFST 304  American Sign Language V (3)
DFST 410  Internship in Deaf Studies (2-4)

In addition to Core Requirements, students are expected to take additional units to complete their area of focus or combined major. Students who select the Human Services or Deaf Culture areas of focus take a total of 21 additional units for a total of 56-58 units of study to complete the degree. Students in the combined majors (DFST-SPPA or DFST-ELED) take 1 additional course in Deaf Studies for a total of 38-40 units in DFST. In addition, they must complete listed requirements for the other major. For more information, see the separate Programs of Study for each of the four options.

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