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The B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (SPPA) is a screened major with a maximum of 70 students admitted each fall. The undergraduate major in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology is a cohort major and courses must be taken in sequence. Transfer students who complete the majority of their General Education requirements before transferring can usually complete the major course sequence in 2 years (excluding the pre-major year). Admission to Towson University does not guarantee admission into the major. Admissions decisions are made in June of each year, once spring grades are available. Transfer students who have completed all premajor requirements can apply to transfer directly into the major by following the steps listed below.Transfer students who are not eligible for direct admission into the SPPA major, can transfer into the SPPA Pre-major and do not need to complete these steps prior to admission.

Transfer Admission Directly into the SPPA Major

Because the degree has strict pre-major and application requirements, transfer students need to plan carefully for a smooth transition by following the steps listed below.

  1. Required Courses: Transfer students must complete the 5 required pre-major
    Jayme Cappa presents her AAC Research with faculty advisors Dr. Karen Fallon and Ms. Karen Day at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, 2008
    Jayme Cappa presents her AAC Research with faculty advisors Dr. Karen Fallon and Ms. Karen Day at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, 2008.
    courses by May 31 to be considered for admission the following fall. The courses must transfer exactly, exceptions are not allowed. CLEP tests and AP exam scores can be used, however the scores must be equivalent to a grade of 3.0 or higher and posted on official transcripts. The courses are listed below.
  2. Admissions Deadline: Students interested in transferring as full SPPA majors must apply for admission to Towson University by the February 15 deadline and must be accepted for admission to the University. Students who apply later cannot be admitted to the major, but can transfer as SPPA pre-majors (see below).
  3. Department Advising Meeting: Students must meet with the department advisor to declare their intent to transfer into the major by March 31. The purpose of the meeting is to review transfer courses, and to complete department admissions forms. Students should bring a copy of their current transcripts and course schedules to the meeting. Students are encouraged to set up these meetings in the fall semester a year before the transfer occurs to make sure that all class requirements will be met by the May 31 deadline.
  4. Transcript Documentation: Transfer students must send official transcripts to Dr. Diana Emanuel in the Department of Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology & Deaf Studies by June 1. These transcripts must be sent to the department, not the Admissions Office. If official transcripts are not available on time, the department will use unofficial transcripts to make an informal admissions decision, but will hold the final decision until official transcripts are received.
  5. Notification of Admission: Students are notified about their admission status by June 15 and will need to verify that they are planning to enter the university in the fall. Once verification is received, students are manually enrolled into their SPPA courses for the following fall semester

Admission into the SPPA Pre-major

Students who are not eligible for admission into the SPPA major can transfer to Towson University as a pre-major. A department advisor will meet with students during TU Cares to select courses for the upcoming semester. During the first semester at Towson University, students must formally declare their intent to enter the major by meeting with the department chair and completing admissions forms. Students who enter as pre-majors can usually complete all courses within 3 years.

Pre-major Course Requirements (16-19 units)

1. ENGL 102  Writing for a Liberal Education or ENGL 190 (3)
2. PSYC 101  Introduction to Psychology or PSYC 102 (3)
3. MATH 111  Algebra for Applications (3) or MATH 109  Transition to Algebra for Applications (3) or MATH 115  Basic Mathematics for the Sciences (3) or MATH 119  Pre-Calculus (4)
4. BIOL 190  Biology for Health Science Majors (4) or BIOL 201 Cellular Biology & Genetics (4)
5. One course from Category A or B (students must complete both categories as a graduation requirement but only one category during the pre-major year)
        Category A: Physical Science (4-5): CHEM 121+121L, CHEM 115PHYS 202 or PHYS 211
        Category B: Social/Behavioral Science (3): SOCI 101/102, ANTH 207/208 or EDUC 203

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