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The following is everything you need to know about the On-Campus Recruiting Program at Towson University.

  1. Why should I use Hire@TU for on-campus recruiting?
  2. How do I obtain a Hire@TU account?
  3. How do I create a schedule request?
  4. How is a schedule set up once I post my position?
  5. How do students apply for the position?
  6. When and how do I make selections?
  7. How can I view the schedule?
  8. Where will the interviews be held?
  9. Where do I park?
  10. How do I obtain a parking permit?
  11. Where can I purchase morning refreshments and lunch?

1. Why should I use Hire@TU for on-campus recruiting?
Setting up an interview schedule through Hire@TU maximizes the number of qualified students that can apply offering a free service that allows you to conveniently interview Towson University students.

  • Hire@TU offers employers the ability to pre-select candidates ensuring that only qualified candidates are interviewed.
  • Students who match your criteria will have access to your position and can submit their resume through Hire@TU to be considered for an interview.
  • The Career Center will handle all the logistics from arranging for a private interview room(s) to scheduling interview timeslots for your pre-selected candidates based on your schedule request.

2. How do I obtain a Hire@TU account?

  • To create a Hire@TU account, please visit the employer login page. Complete the required fields, and create a username and password. You will need your username and password to access your account in the future. If you have forgotten your password, please see the Employer Hire@TU FAQs.

3. How do I create a schedule request?

  • Post or update your position on Hire@TU before you request an interview schedule.
  • Login to Hire@TU, click Schedules, then click New Schedule Request on the menu bar.
  • Scroll to Interview Request Preferences and fill out the required fields including the job title and ID number.
  • For schedule type, choose one of the options:
  • In-Person/On-Campus Schedule Options:

    • Open – Involves a system screening process ONLY. Students who meet the requirements, based on your criteria, can sign up for an interview timeslot.
    • Preselect – Allows you to review the applications (resumes) prior to making decisions based on your criteria.
    • Resume Collection – Positions are advertised and qualified students submit their application materials via Hire@TU. You can then access and review resumes submitted and schedule interviews at your site or make arrangements to interview on campus.
    • Rooms Only – Allows you to create your interview schedule. This option is useful if you already have candidates or would like to schedule candidates at an event such as an information session or career fair.

    Virtual Interviewing Options:

    • Phone Interview – Similar to an in-person on-campus schedule. Candidates are pre-selected and scheduled for specific times throughout the interview day. Recruiters can then call a direct line into our interview rooms to phone interview each candidate as the schedule dictates.
    • Webcam (Skype™) Interviews – The Career Center can also assist you with setting up video or online interviews. The most cost-effective option is through Skype, where students can utilize a computer in our interview rooms to connect online with an employer via video feed.
  • Once the Career Center sets up your schedule, students can apply online and send resumes through Hire@TU.

4. How is a schedule set up once I post my position?

  • The Career Center will attach a pre-select schedule to your position based on your schedule preferences for date, time and specific timeslots.
  • Enter three preferable interview dates including the number of rooms you require based on the number of recruiters who will conduct interviews. Choose what timeslots work best for you – a standard schedule begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m., allowing you ten, 30-minute timeslots with an hour break for lunch. You can also customize your timeslots request based on your scheduling needs. For more information, contact the Employer Relations Coordinator.

5. How do students apply for the position?

  • Once the schedule is attached to your position, students can apply on Hire@TU by clicking Interviews and then clicking Qualified Interviews.

6. When and how do I make selections?

  • One week prior to the interview date, you will be prompted by email reminding you to make decisions about the candidates.
  • Login to Hire@TU, click Schedules on the Menu bar then click the Schedule ID number.
  • Click Manage List (located on the left under Page Functions) to view the resumes and make your decisions by clicking Accept or Not Accept. If you need to make changes to your schedule, please request these changes prior to the application deadline and selection process.

7. How can I view the schedule?

  • Log in to Hire@TU and click Schedules at the top of the page.
  • Click the Schedule ID number, and scroll to the middle of the page and click on Session ID # to review the list.

8. Where are the interviews held?

  • The interviews are held on campus in the Career Center,7800 York Road, Suite 206.

9. How do I obtain a parking permit?

  • You will receive an email with parking directions and a parking code. If you misplace your parking code, please contact the Administrative Assistant at the Career Center.

10. Where do I park?

Visitor parking is located in the parking lot adjacent to the Administration building , 7720 York Road. (one building south of the Career Center on York Road). Enter the parking lot from Cross Campus Drive; make an immediate left and another left. This will put you in the visitor parking area (a yellow pay station is located at the entrance to the parking lot).

  • Please park your car in a reserved visitor space, walk to the pay station to print coupon located in the lot.
  • Enter your parking code previously emailed to you from the Career Center, follow the prompts (departmental guest) and place permit on the dash of the car.
  • We encourage you to car pool since space is limited and a limited number of coupons can be issued per organization. Additional coupons may be purchased at the pay station at your expense.
  • Each coupon is valid for one use only, however, if you require additional coupon numbers please contact the Administrative Assistant at the Career Center.

The Career Center location:

  • 7800 York Road – Suite 206, 2nd floor, one building north of the Administration building where you will park. Please use the crosswalk on Cross Campus Drive; then follow the pedestrian bridge through the Glen Parking Garage which is adjacent to our building.
  • Once inside the building, descend one level to the 2nd floor and proceed to the end of the hallway.

If you have any questions regarding parking, please call the Administrative Assistant.

Please park in visitor’s parking to avoid a $75 ticket or possible towing. Parking is strictly enforced on campus and the Career Center cannot be responsible for illegal parking. Thank you.

11. Where can I purchase morning refreshments and lunch?

  • The Career Center will have bottled water available for on-campus recruiters. If you would like to pick up coffee, tea or breakfast, or if you are planning your lunch schedule, the following cafes are recommended:
  • Starbuck’s: Located at the corner of W. Burke Avenue and York Road just north of Towson University – Drive-thru is available.
  • 7720 Café: Located on the first floor of the Administration Building adjacent to visitor parking – breakfast and lunch served.
  • Bill Bateman’s Bistro: Located in the first floor of our building – lunch and dinner served.


The Career Center
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Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Call to schedule an appointment.
Express Hours Fall and Spring Semester: Monday – Thursday, 1 - 4 p.m.
(No appointment needed for 15-minute consultation)

Phone: 410-704-2233
Fax: 410-704-3459


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