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Benjamin G.Benjamin G., Business Administration major with a concentration in Economics and a Psychology minor, Zappos
"This summer I will be interning with Zappos in Las Vegas. The application/interview process was unlike any other process I have ever experienced. I was challenged to not only think outside the box, but also to do more with less.

I was given a challenge and a virtual interview to complete. The challenge required me to vet vendors and explain my process of choosing the best supplier. This challenge was intentionally vague and required a creative, well thought out answer in a short amount of time. A few weeks later I received an email that notified me about my acceptance into the final round. This round required me to fly into Vegas to interview with my potential managers and to assess my culture fit. To prepare myself, I read Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh's, Delivering Happiness to gain a deeper understanding of the culture. I was able to filter this and assimilate how my own personality would fit this paradigm. A week after leaving Vegas, I received an email welcoming me to the 2015 summer internship.

Sending in an error-free resume was crucial. I visited the Career Center multiple times before applying. It's amazing how one small error can break your chance for an interview.

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Expand yourself and apply for internships that interest you. Make sure you qualify of course, but also don't be afraid of applying to internships outside your expertise or comfort zone."


Angela S.Chloe C., Mass Communications major with an Advertising concentration, Zest Social Media Solutions
"Everyone in the Career Center wants nothing more than to help students thrive in their career-related endeavors.

My job specifically includes account management and development for a number of clients at Zest Social Media Solutions, LLC., which incorporates social media technologies into existing business communications in order to expand exposure, extend networks, and leverage brands.

The most important skill I learned at Towson and through my work at the Career Center was how to communicate with people. Career fairs helped me develop my communication skills, and during the career fairs I was able to meet and speak with people I would have never met otherwise. It was a great opportunity to shake a hand, match a name with a face and make a lasting impression.

Experience and communication are everything and will be a part of your life forever, so being involved in whatever interests you and talking to people who share your affinity will greatly benefit not only your academic world, but also your career and life as a whole."


Angela S.Angela S., Mass Communication major, Atlantic Industrial
“My last internship was with Atlantic Industrial, theparent companyof two scaffolding and plant services companies. What sets this experience apart is that I found it through the Career Center’s resources. I had never used the Career Center for anything before it was recommended to me by my communication studies professor, Dr. Audra McMullen. When I called, I was just in time to create a profile and attend a Hire@TU job fair. I met so many contacts that day with whom I’m still keeping in touch, but it was the website that truly made the difference.”


Jocelyn A.Joyce A., Electronic Media and Film major, WMAR - TV
"Walking into the station on my first day at WMAR-TV, I was unaware of the great experience and opportunity which lay ahead. I realized within a week that I made the proper choice to enter the world of journalism. It is fast-paced, energetic and everything is brand new every day. Somehow, the work given me in class would repeat itself at the news station or vice versa. The intern experience helped assure me my career path was the right one! I believe hands-on learning and training is the best way to become skilled at your craft."


Taylor B.Taylor B., Business Administration major with a Project Management & Business Analysis concentration, Stanley Black & Decker
"The Career Center services are excellent for students seeking career advice, resume workshops, internships and jobs. My internship was featured on Hire@TU, and I would not have heard of it had I not gone to the Career Center. I was contacted by a local marketing agency that was interested in interviewing me after they saw my resume on Hire@TU. Many local employers post job listings specifically on Hire@TU because they are looking to hire Towson students."


Marie M.Marie M., Psychology major, Educators Benefit Services
"Professor Coulter’s class at the Career Center (Personal Life and Career Planning Course) helped me a great deal. In this class, I learned a lot about different careers and how to pursue jobs that fit my interests and abilities. This class is not only about the types of careers that exist, but more importantly about who you are and how you will fit into these fields. I was reminded of the aspirations I had formed even as a child and how they are still attainable. Professor Coulter encouraged me to believe again in the dreams I had built for myself so many years ago."


Noah T.Noah T., Computer Information Systems major, UPS
"Over 600 centers in the United States are running on the software that was created by the team that I work directly with. I run both manual and automated test scripts that verify the functionality of the Preload Software for UPS. The whole purpose of the position is to ensure that every one of the packages that passes through the system will arrive at its destination in the timeliest manner."



Mark H.Mark H., Economics, Music, & Business Administration major, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
"Interviewing is not easy, so I wanted to practice before my actual interviews. The Career Center’s mock interview sessions are great. Not only did the mock interviews allow me to practice, but the Career Center staff provided me with invaluable feedback as well. Best of all, I received a full-time job offer at the end of my internship. When I graduate, I will start as an analyst in global research. I could not be more excited to begin my career with Bank of America Merrill Lynch."


Stephanie T., Mallory K., & Brittany B.Stephanie T., Mallory K., & Brittany B., CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
"I’m so glad I used the resources that Towson made available to us, because it made the internship search process that much easier. The resume reviews and interview practices really helped prepare me for my interview with CareFirst. I wasn’t nervous the day of my interview, because I knew I had practiced the process and was familiar with the style of questions that would most likely be asked (thanks to the Career Center)." - Stephanie T., Mass Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations, Advertising and Integrated Communication, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

"I was very fortunate to obtain an internship at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield in the Strategic Marketing Department. The best part of my internship was having the ability to work on challenging projects and gain real-life business experience. After my internship was over I was hired at CareFirst in New Business Sales and have been here for about four years. Interning at CareFirst was a wonderful experience that definitely jump-started my career." – Mallory K., Health Care Managment major & Health Science Master's Program, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

"The TU Career Center provided me many opportunities, as well as prepared me for employment post graduation. I applied for and obtained an unpaid internship through the Hire@TU site that served as an elective course in my undergrad program. I met my CareFirst intern recruiter at a career fair, who then contacted me for an interview which resulted in my being hired at CareFirst for my last internship before being hired as a full-time associate after graduating." – Brittany B., Computer Information Systems major & Business Administration minor, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield


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