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Business Administration & Information Systems

Students who want to earn a business administration degree but also gain a solid knowledge of implementing and administering technology systems for businesses can achieve both these goals with a combined major in business administration and information systems.

The business administration major focuses on the skills needed to understand business functions from accounting and budgeting to management and marketing. Students also complete an internship to gain valuable workplace experience.

On the information systems side, students learn the nuts and bolts of creating and implementing new systems and applications. Students acquire knowledge and skills in databases, systems architecture and design, web development and code.

With the combination of business principles and technology practices, students will graduate from this program with a solid foundation to excel in a variety of roles at any organization.

Applying to the Major

Admission to the business administration and information systems combined major with the project management and business analysis track is selective. Students are admitted to the major on a competitive basis after first being admitted to the university. Before applying to the business administration major students must first declare a “pre-Business” major and complete the lower-level prerequisites and other requirements. Students are required to meet with their faculty adviser each term to evaluate their progress in completing the requirements for admission to the major.

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