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Chemistry Major - ACS Certified (BS)

Certification of a student's Chemistry degree from the American Chemical Society (ACS) is widely recognized throughout industry, government and education as a standard of excellence. Students with a strong academic record who will pursue graduate studies or enter a profession in the chemical sciences are advised to pursue the Chemistry Major (A.C.S. Certified). The course requirements for the Chemistry Major (A.C.S. Certified) are similar to the course requirements for the Chemistry Major (Professional Track) with a few additions. The Chemistry Major (General Track) is recommended for students who intend to teach in secondary schools or work in hospital laboratories, technical libraries or in chemistry-related professions such as chemical or instrument sales.

Students electing to major in Chemistry should contact the Department of Chemistry and be assigned a chemistry adviser to assist them in designing programs to meet their career needs. A grade of C or higher must be earned in each required course.

Core Course Requirements (57-59 credits):
CHEM 110/111General Chemistry I & II (4,4)
CHEM 210Introduction to Analytical Chemistry (4)
MATH 273/274Calculus I & II (4,4)
PHYS 241/242*General Physics I and II (4,4)
CHEM 310Instrumentation in Analytical Chemistry (3)
CHEM 323Inorganic Chemistry (4)
CHEM 331/332Organic Chemistry I & II (5,5)
CHEM 351Biochemistry I (3)
CHEM 345Principles of Physical Chemistry (3)
CHEM 346Theoretical Foundations of Physical Chemistry (3)
CHEM 372Intermediate Laboratory I (1)
CHEM 491Introduction to Research in Chemistry (1-3)
CHEM 401Seminar in Chemistry (1)
* PHYS 211-212 may be taken in place of PHYS 241-242 provided that an additional advanced Physics lecture course is taken, subject to prior approval by the Department of Chemistry.

In addition to the core course requirements, students electing the Chemistry Major (A.C.S. Certified) must take a minimum of 12 additional credits (at least 3 courses, one of which must be CHEM 461 or CHEM 462) from the list of elective courses given below. These additional elective courses must include at least one laboratory course or one course containing a laboratory component.

Elective Courses (12 credits minimum):
CHEM 356Biochemistry Laboratory (1)
CHEM 357Biochemistry II (3)
CHEM 361Chemical and Bacteriological Studies on Water Pollution (3)
CHEM 363Chemistry of Dangerous Drugs (3)
CHEM 367Forensic Chemistry (3)
CHEM 373Intermediate Laboratory II (1)
CHEM 461Advanced Lecture Topics (1-3)
CHEM 462Advanced Laboratory Techniques (1-2)
CHEM 480Chemical Toxicology (3)
BIOL 309Principles of Genetics (4)
BIOL 408Cell Biology (4)
BIOL 409Molecular Biology (3)
BIOL 410Molecular Biology Laboratory (2)
BIOL 421Immunology (4)
BIOL 428Virology (3)
COSC 336Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (4)
COSC/MATH 378Scientific Modeling and Simulation (3)
CIS 458Organizational Database Analysis (3)
GEOL 305Environmental Geology (4)
GEOL 331Mineralogy (4)
GEOL 415Hydrogeology (4)
GEOL 4XXGeochemistry (4)
MATH 330Introduction to Statistical Methods (4)
MATH 374Differential Equations (3)
MBBB 301Introduction to Bioinformatics (4)
MBBB 4XXAdvanced Bioinformatics (3)
MBBB 4XXSeminar in Biotechnology (1)
PHYS 307Introductory Mathematical Physics (3)
PHYS 311Modern Physics (3)
PHYS 354Electricity and Magnetism (4)
Course has prerequisite(s) not listed among the core course requirements.

CHEM 301 is suggested as a course to fulfill Category I.D. of the University's General Education (GenEd) requirements. Students may also wish to consider taking courses such as COSC 165 or 236, two semesters of a foreign language or courses in Business or Economics, depending on their interests and career goals.

Several of the advanced chemistry electives are offered periodically, subject to adequate enrollment. A long-term schedule for these courses may be obtained from the Department of Chemistry.