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Chemistry Minor

Students whose major interest is chemistry-related areas such as cell or molecular biology, physiology, physiological psychology, environmental studies, natural science, molecular physics or medical technology will find a significant chemistry background to be a useful adjunct to their major. The chemistry minor can provide this background with flexibility in catering to the specific interests of the student.

Students wishing to minor in Chemistry should consult the Chemistry Minor Adviser as soon as possible after entering Towson University in order to design programs to meet their special needs.

The Minor in Chemistry requires a minimum of 24 credits in chemistry, 12 of which must be upper-division. At least 8 upper-division credits must be taken at Towson University. Courses taken elsewhere and accepted for transfer to Towson University may be used for the Chemistry Minor. The 24 credits must include the following courses:

Required Courses: (17-22 credits)
CHEM 110-111General Chemistry I & II (4,4)
CHEM 210Introduction to Analytical Chemistry (5)
CHEM 330Essentials of Organic Chemistry (5) or
CHEM 331-332Organic Chemistry I & II (5,5)

One or more additional upper-division Chemistry courses may have to be taken to make a total of 12 upper-division credits. CHEM 301 does not count toward the upper level credits required for the chemistry minor.