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Environmental Science (BS/MS)

Environmental Science & Studies - Chemistry Track (BS)

If you are concerned about the environment and want to "make a difference," Towson University's interdisciplinary Environmental Science and Studies Program is a natural choice for you. The Environmental Science Concentration draws extensively upon the expertise of faculty in the College of Science and Mathematics . The rigorous training provided in the environmental science concentration prepares graduates for various entry-level environmental positions in the public, private and nonprofit sectors and is excellent preparation for advanced study.

Environmental Science (MS)

The Graduate Program in Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary program which focuses on the environmental issues and problems metropolitan areas face. The program offers both a Master of Science degree (both thesis and non-thesis) and a Graduate Certificate.

The program is for individuals who are in the environmental work force, are looking to enter the environmental work force, or who are public school teachers who wish to expand their knowledge of environmental sciences of metropolitan areas so they can teach in this specialty. There are four areas of concentration in the program: Water Resource Management and Assessment, Biological Resource Management, Wetland Assessment and Management and Environmental Spatial Analysis. Program graduates are well prepared to work in the environmental consulting area, education, business, industry, federal, state and county environmental agencies, and nonprofit environmental groups.