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The following information was complied to provide the students of the College of Health Professions information in regards to resources that are found within Towson University as well as those that are available outside of our institution as well.   This is another tool that we offer in order to help student achieve our on-going goal of academic success within the various programs of the college. A printable and downloadable version of the following information is also available (pdf).

Promote Achievement

1. Know your learning style
2. Set Short & Long Term Goals
3. Select Appropriate Courses
4. Effectively Manage Your Time
5. Use Campus Resources
6. Use office hours
7. Show some persistence
8. Show Up & Participate
9. Study Various Materials
10. Apply & Practice
Location: Cook Library 524

Hours: Spring 2014 Tutoring
Monday - Friday: 8am-5pm
Extended hours on Tuesdays: 5pm-7pm
Phone: 410-704-2291

Check the schedule using TutorTrac by visiting:

Library Support for CHP Students
Sarah Crest (Allied Health, Audiology/Speech Pathology, Deaf Studies, Gerontology, Health Science, Occupational Therapy, Occupational Science)
Phone: 410-704-4725
Lisa Sweeney (Kinesiology)
Phone: 410-704-5325
Carissa Tomlinson (Nursing)
Phone: 410-704-3359

ESOL Writing Services
•Liberal Arts Building 5330J
• 410-704-2308
• Director: Dr. Carol Pippen
• Provides tutoring for students for whom English is a second language

The Career Center
• 7800 York Road, Suite 206
• Hours: M-F 8am – 5pm
• 410-704-2233
• Get help choosing or changing your major.

Students Achieve Goals through Education (SAGE) Program
University Union 313
Hours: Mon – Fri 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Phone: 410-704-2051
Fax: 410-704-4229

Director: Raft Woodus

The SAGE Program resources are used to foster academic achievement, personal development, and campus wide involvement among entering students from diverse backgrounds. SAGE program participants are assigned a peer mentor and participate in various activities that enhance academic, budget management, and decision-making skills.

Tutoring Servcies:
Natural Sciences Lab
Smith Hall
Room 538
BIOL 190, 201, 221, 222, 309
CHEM 011,100, 200, 300
PHYS 100, 211, 212, 241, 242
Professor Dehn coordinator Drop-in Tutoring
Request a Tutor
Fall schedule will be posted by
September 12th
Please look for helpful information from these coordinators in your email and on Bb. BIOL190 (see page 3)

Dr. Sarah Bruce

They provide office hours, coaching, review sessions, exam preparation, and essay writing assistance while coordinating with your professors.

Online Resources:
Biology Study Guides: Easy access materials for your learning needs: Cell Structure, Microorganisms, Cell Respiration, Evolution, Cell Reproduction, Molecular Biology, and Animal Behavior & Plants.

Biology Study Tips: Anything to small projects to micro molecules. Articles and resources for biology and its disciplines.
Biology Online: Dictionary of Biology, Tutorials, Biology forum

Biology Informer: 3 online dictionaries and much more.

Anatomy and Physiology Practice Tests: Dr. Rick Gills, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
The Visible Human Project: Cadaver, male-female, MRI, CT, and anatomical images

Tutoring Services:
Liina Ladon (x4-3054) offers tutoring in chemistry as well as biology and physics if you are enrolled in a chemistry class.
To access the tutoring service, please come to SM538, or visit the Academic Achievement Center in CK524. Please bring your TU OneCard and use it to sign in at the beginning and sign out at the end of your tutoring session on our TutorTrac program. This information helps show usage and thus justifies funding the service. We appreciate your cooperation.

Online Resources:

Organic Chemistry: Practice Problems for Organic Chemistry.
Tri-County Technical College Website: Chemistry 100 lessons.
Physics Education Technology at the University of Colorado at Boulder: General chemistry simulations including solubility, concentration, rate, and reversible reactions.
Chemistry (Dartmouth College): Has useful study guides and sample tests.
Brain Mass: Help for homework and problem solving feed back
The Periodic Table: Information about each element.
Chemical Excelets: Interactive Excel Sheets for General Chemistry.
Contemporary Chemistry: Modules and lessons.
The ChemCollective: Online resources, including virtual lab problems, tutorials, scenarios, and simulations.
Chemistry examples by Liina Ladon, Towson University, Department of Chemistry: Study guides and resources.
Study Guides: Study guides for everything in Chemistry.
The Periodic Table: Online Periodic Table.

Tutoring Services:
Mathematics Lab
7800 York Road
Room 105
DVMT 101
MATH 102, 103, 105, 109, 111, 115, 119, 204, 205, 211, 231, 251, 273, 274 & 275
Liz Scarbrough Drop-in Tutoring
Request a Tutor
Fall schedule will be posted by September 12th
Academic Achievement Center
Cook Library
Room 524
PSYC 101, 203, 205 & 212 Frank Mullen Drop-in Tutoring
Request a Tutor
Fall schedule will be posted by September 12th

Online Resources:

Graphing lines, inequalities, and feasible sets: MATH 111 Chapter 1
Matrix operations: MATH 111 Chapter 2
Setting up linear programming: MATH 111 Chapter 3
Math Study Skills Inventory: Math Study Skills Inventory An Inventory for Math Study Skills from Middle Tennessee State University.
Math Archives: Calculus resources and quick links.
Graphing Calculator Help from Pearson Education: Choose a type of calculator and see a list of help topics.
Math world: Extensive Mathematics resource. All disciplines, visual, animation and live 3D animation.
Math Forum: Helpful information for math students and teachers.
Success in math : Math study skills, problem solving, studying for math tests, taking a math test and getting assistance.
All Levels of Math: Online tutoring.
Math @ Harvey Mudd College: Pre-calculus, Algebra, and Calculus.
College Algebra Tutorial: Provides a wide variety of college-level algebra problems to solve. Covers concept of algebra (exponents and radicals, factoring, fractional expressions, etc.
Mathematics Study Guides : Study guides, and classic books.
BrainMass: Web links
Mathematics Anxiety: How to cope with math anxiety.
Web Math : Math-help that generates solutions to specific math problems.
Statistics: Compare distribution tables.
Explanation of the synapse and function of the neuron : Animation with narration of neuron activity in the brain
School Psychology Resources Online : Directed to school psychologists but contains many good links.
Psychology hyperlinks: Tutorials and demonstrations covering a broad range of topics.

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