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Animal Welfare

Posted May 22, 2015

For his IDFA 480 final project Gabe Durastanti created a video that documented the large scale installation that 5 of his other classmates worked on. The installation displayed on campus on Thursday, May 7th. The IDFA 480 course focused on Animal Welfare in Baltimore and Gabe's video really shows students dedicated to playing a meaningful role as change agents amongst their peers.

A grant from the Office of Civic Engagement & Leadership made much of what IDFA 480 course did this semester possible.

Beth Griffin

Beth Griffin

Posted April 25, 2013

"I worked with Troy Powell when he came to Towson University, and those experiences continue to be highlights of my entire life. Learning Mr. Ailey’s choreography transformed how I felt about dance. I knew I loved to dance, but I never knew how emotionally, spiritually, and physically fulfilling performing could be." Read the full article in COFAC Today.

Beth Griffin

Dance Major, Beth Griffin

Photo By: Nick Hood

Senior Performs at Gala

Posted April 2, 2013

Margaret Kudirka, senior at Towson University, decided to choreograph and perform at Howard County Arts Council's Gala on March 23.  Margaret was one of 10 competing for the Rising Stars Emerging Performing Artist Awards.  Her piece was a classical ballet solo to the song "Je Ne Regrette Rien" by Edith Piaf. 

The Baltimore Sun, March 19, 2013

Two Towson Teams Qualify for the National Debate Tournament

Posted Feb 27, 2013

This past weekend, Towson University Forensics sent sophomore Ameena Ruffin, freshman Korey Johnson, sophomore Kevin Whitley, and freshman Lenny Herreratwo to the District VII Qualifying Tournament at the University of Mary Washington. The two teams finished the tournament in the top six, allowing them to qualify for the National Debate Tournament at the end of March. This is the first time in Towson University Forensics’ fifty-year history that two teams have qualified to the National Debate Tournament from the district. The tournament is at Webster State University in Ogden, UT, this year, on March 28-April 1.

Megan Atkinson Interview By: Miri Rotkovitz

Posted Nov 15, 2012

What was the first Ailey performance you ever saw? How did it impact you as a dancer?

The first Ailey performance I ever saw was right in the Ailey studios in New York when I was around 12. Even though it was not a live performance on stage with a full-out audience, just being an observer during the company class inspired and changed my view of the company to this day. I never looked at dance as just a form of entertainment again, but almost as a form of ministry or healing for the inner selfMore

Dance Major, Megan Atkinson Photo By: Kanji Takeno

Eva Hiott Interview By: Miri Rotkovitz

Posted Nov 15, 2012

What was your most enlightening WordBRIDGE moment?
During my first year at WordBRIDGE, I realized as a student how important it was for me to be able to work amongst professionals. Sometimes it is difficult to put your craft into perspective when you’re in acting classes with people who are at the same level as you. I can learn a year’s worth of classroom lessons just by watching some of the more experienced WordBRIDGE actors work. More

Eva Hiott, Class 2013

Theatre Major, Eva Hiott

Photo By: Matthew Sprague/The Towerlight.

Megan Atkinson, Dance Performance Major ('13)

Posted Nov 15, 2012

Are you a member of the Towson Dance Company? If yes, how long have you danced with the company? Any highlights to share about that experience?

I am not in the company this year, but was a member for three years, starting as a freshman. Being a part of the Towson Dance Company was far more than just another rehearsal or chance to perform. Every semester a new bond is formed between the dancers and choreographers. We build a sense of family and community with each other. We sweat together, bleed together, feed each other, and hold each other accountable for being present and on time at all rehearsals and performances. We have had amazing opportunities, like working with guest artists and choreographers. [Ailey II Artistic Director] Troy Powell set some of Ailey’s work on the company, and we’ve done [Ailey Artistic Director] Robert Battle’s own piece "Battlefield." Last semester we had the chance to perform on the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage.

When did you first have the chance to work with the Ailey Company?
At the age of 12 at the Ailey studio in New York.

Have you studied with Troy Powell? What was that like?
I have had the chance to study with Troy Powell at Towson as well as off campus. My experiences with him have always been very enjoyable and inspiring. What I love most about his classes is that he challenges you, but he also gives you the freedom and space to be an individual in your artistry and style of dance. I never feel limited in his class. I always want more, and go beyond what is expected, which I feel is the freedom that you have to find in just being a human being first and an artist second. Mr. Powell is also very personable, and always gives corrections to everyone in the class, which makes everyone comfortable.

What was your most memorable Ailey moment?
The first time I saw Revelations – Alvin Ailey’s most famous piece – performed, was a very moving experience. This was my true moment of inspiration to want to perform and be able to move and touch an audience of thousands.

Dream role or piece you’d most like to dance:
It is very difficult for me to narrow it down to one role or piece. I am a performer, so any chance to perform as a dancer is a dream come true.

Career goal(s):
To perform and travel with dance companies around the world. Eventually I want to give back to my community as a chairperson in the school system in a performing arts program. I also would like to open an after-school dance program.

If you could see a dance performance with any choreographer or dancer, who would it be? What would you take them to see?
I would take Professor Linda-Denise Fisher-Harrell to see any piece that she has had the chance of performing with the Ailey Company.

Favorite style of dance: Modern
Favorite class outside of the Dance Department: Religious Studies
Secret or special talent: Acting
Favorite song (or album or music artist): "Sweet Thing" by Chaka Khan
Favorite way to relax after a performance: In a hot bath with Epsom salts.

Eva Hiott, Theatre Acting Track Major ('13)

Posted Nov 15, 2012

Why WordBRIDGE? What made you decide to devote 3 weeks of summer to a lab workshop for nascent playwrights?

During my freshman year I started participating in Towson Theatre Lab (I am now the coordinator) and realized new play development is really awesome. When David White made the announcement about what WordBRIDGE was sometime that spring, I couldn't say no.

How many times have you participated in WordBRIDGE? What made you come back?
This was my third year at WordBRIDGE. I've also worked with Generous Company on several other WordBRIDGE-esque projects. I am simply in love with new play development. Progression. Discovery. There is a subversion of the ego that is necessary to assist in the creation of someone else’s art that is very artistically nourishing. We work hard but we are a family – the students and the professionals together.

What was it like to be at CenterStage for the lab?
Wonderful! Over the past three years, WordBRIDGE has actually been at a new location every year. The first two years were at schools where there were more rooms to access. However the way we were set up at CenterStage with bigger and fewer rooms, as well as the atmosphere of being in a professional theatre, made the lab feel more focused.

What else did you do on your summer vacation?
I visited family in North Carolina and then taught theatre camps at CabSummer for two weeks in Delaware. One week was on the Theatre of the Absurd for high-schoolers, and the second week was Shakespeare for middle-schoolers.

Any upcoming projects you're juiced about?
Yes! I am about to start working on one of Towson’s Mainstage shows, Last Chance – Tales From a Broken Heartland: Trash and Ninjas & Squirrels written by David M. White. I will be the assistant director alongside director Peter Wray.

Favorite playwright?
I’m a bit of a Shakespeare buff. Otherwise in general I find I’m more into language-heavy modern playwrights such as [María Irene] Fornés.

If you could go see a play with anyone – dead or alive – who would it be, and why? What would you take them to see?
I wish I could take my little brother to see a professional Shakespeare production. He is 13 and thinks Shakespeare is pretty cool. Awesome right? When I was around that age, seeing a professional production for the first time was what drove me to do what I do now. Perhaps I will soon!

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