Graduation and Commencement are NOT the same thing!

  • Graduation is achieved at the end of one’s academic career after completion of all degree requirements for a particular program of study.
  • Commencement is a ceremony in which graduates celebrate their accomplishments with family and friends
  • Not all students who graduate choose to participate in the commencement ceremonies, but ALL students who participate in commencement must have graduated (completed all of their degree requirements)


Only students who have completed ALL graduation requirements are permitted to participate in commencement.

Please note: The Commencement Appeals Committee will no longer accept pre-purchased travel tickets as a justification for early participation in the commencement ceremonies.


Academic Information

Congratulations on your pending graduation!  Here are a few reminders about what needs to be done to make sure degree requirements are completed.

  • Students should monitor all course requirements to ensure that everything is in order and that they will be cleared for graduation. Refer major questions to your academic advisor.
  • Double check your academic record for transfer credit totals, repeated courses and incompletes.  Check with Academic Advising about how to address any problems.
  • Students must officially apply for graduation prior to the beginning of their last semester.. Participation in the ceremony is optional.
  • Students must complete all course requirements for their declared program(s), complete the minimum number of credits required for their degree, and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  • Students wishing to attend commencement must be registered for their final required coursework in the semester in which they intend to participate (i.e. If a student wishes to participate in the May ceremonies, he/she must be registered for all remaining, required coursework in the Spring semester of that year).
  • Students with degrees that bridge 2 colleges must register to walk with the college of their choice by published deadline (see Important Dates and Deadlines).

    Students who miss the deadline will be assigned to an appropriate ceremony based on availability.

  • Students may only walk in one ceremony.


Latin Honors Policy

Latin Honors will be awarded by college to the top ten percent of the undergraduate students.  Eligibility will be determined based on the calculated grade point average of students' final 60 units completed at Towson University.  Please note that due to Latin Honors being percentage based, recipients will not be recognized at commencement. This designation will appear on the diploma and transcript after the whole class has been graduated. 


Graduate Students

Candidates who are unsure of degree/certificate requirements should meet with their advisers. For other information related to clearances, address changes, and other similar matters, contact the graduation office at 410-704-2095.





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