Contributing to the Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign

To make a contribution to the Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign via payroll deduction, please use the card provided in your Faculty/Staff giving packet. If you require a replacement card, please contact: Betsy Boteler, 410-704-2573 or 410-704-3375.

Steps to follow:

1. Print/Indicate your name, work, address, and alumni information.
2. Indicate whether this is a one-time contribution or a payroll deduction. Complete the total amount of your one-time contribution or the amount you wish to be deducted per pay period.
3. Check the appropriate box to initiate a payroll deduction if that is how you choose to give.
4. Complete payment method for one time contributions. One time contribution need not fill out the bottom portion of the card entitled “2015 Payroll Deduction Card.”
5. Calculate totals and amounts to designate (for multiple funds) and enter them onto the card.

Check the “University Enhancement Fund” box or to designate your gift, check the appropriate box and specify your designation, for example, SCHOLARSHIPS, COOK LIBRARY, TIGER ATHLETIC FUND, or YOUR DEPARTMENT.

7. Circle on card if you would like your gift to be in honor or in memory of someone. Also, Specify if you would like this to be a joint gift with your spouse/partner. If so, indicate his or her name.
8. Check new if you have not yet filled out a Fiscal year 2015 card. Check change if you wish to change anything from a card you have previously submitted.
9. Indicate employee type and pay schedule (most employees are paid 26 times per year)
10. Date and sign the card. Ensure your Social Security Number and signature appear on the bottom. The University System of Maryland needs both of these items in order to process your deduction.
11. Mail your card to Betsy Boteler in the Development Office through interoffice mail or pick up a card directly from the Development Office (AD 321).

* Gifts from faculty and staff cannot be deposited into accounts under their control; i.e., program directors may not contribute to the funds they administer. IRS regulations state that if a person retains control of his or her gift, it is not a tax-deductible contribution.

The Internal Revenue Service will accept a copy of your final pay stub for your tax deduction.  Should you wish to receive monthly receipts, you may call the Development Office. 

Contribution Calculations

These charts provide calculations to assist in determining how much you wish to have deducted per pay period to the Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign.*

Amount pledged

per paycheck

Total Contribution

         Over 21 weeks                      Over 26 weeks               


























Total of

annual pledge

Payroll Deduction

         Over 21 weeks                      Over 26 weeks                

























*Above calculations only apply if payroll deduction card is received by the Development Office by no later than November 14, 2014.

Thank you for your support.  It is sincerely appreciated.


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