Memorial and Honorary Employee Scholarships

You may choose to designate your gift to a particular fund that has been established to honor or memorialize the contributions of former and current Towson University employees.
Below is the list of the accounts in alphabetical order.

35904–Anderson/Parente Scholarship Endowment
40362–Angotti Basketball Endowment
14465–Chandler Barbour Lecture Fund
40204–Cecylia B. Barczyk Cello Endowment
35902–Sam Barone Scholarship Fund
35859–Rich Bartos Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35911–Jean S. Baumbach Scholarship Endowment
35659–Stevie Beall, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
35875–Marie Faraino Biegun'41 and Paul C. Biegun Scholarship Fund
40358–Patty Beere Ruby Memorial Program
35675–Floyd A. Blankenship Memorial Award
14575–Dr. Arnold Blumberg Memorial for Jewish Studies
14724–Frances T. Bond Distinguished Service Award
40337–Dr. Gilbert A. Brungardt Endowment for the Benefit of the Asian Arts & Culture Center
40174–Burton, Dietz, Jones, Rosecrans Graduate Fellowship in Instructional Technology
35845–Class of 1931 Eunice K. Crabtree Scholarship Endowment
40153–The Craver Writers Fund
35837–Disabled American Vets Commencement Prize
35903–Smart A. Ekpo Scholarship
14865–Vernadine Elkerson Brooks Family Literacy
40351–Vernadine Elkerson Brooks Family Literacy Endowment
40157–Mary Lee Farlow Outstanding Students Scholarship Fund
35647–Towson University Dorothy A. Farmer, Clas of '34, Scholarship
35587–Neil Gallagher Scholarship Endowment
40314–Ronald Garrison Memorial Fund
14799–Rosalyn Ghitter Clinic Fund
35910–C. R. Gillespie and Maravene S. Loeschke Scholarship Endowment
35948–Carl A. Runk Lacrosse Endowment Fund
40270–Mary Daniels Taylor Memorial Internship Scholarship
35704–Charlotte Davies Scholarship Award
35810–Russell E. Denison Annual Award for Excellence in Accounting
40152–Dr. Walter M. Hammett Memorial Scholarship-
35853–James Edward Ewig Memorial Scholarship Endowment
40260–Fine Concert Piano Maintenance Endowment Fund
35662–Jeremiah J. German Scholarship in Economics
14855–John Gissendanner Fund for African-American Study
35635–Gloria Agnes Scott Education Award
35899–W. Frank Guess Scholarship Endowment
35889–Barnes Harris Scholarship Endowment
40273–Dennis E. Hinkle Memorial Scholarship
35947–Nina E. Hughes Memorial Scholarship Endowment
40154–Mary Pat Hughes Scholarship Fund
40203–Sayeed Kayvan Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35989–John H. Kelbaugh Scholarship Endowment
35880–Laura Lamb Memorial Scholarship
35952–Hank J. Levy Performing Arts
40324–Pauline Voneiff Lewis Scholarship Endowment
47002–Doris K. and Vernon L. Lidtke Scholarship Endowment
35847–Mignon Lieberman Sociology Award Fund
35586–Charles E. “Chuck” Maloy III Memorial Fund
40173–Douglas D. Martin, Sr. History Award
35900–The John Carter Matthews Memorial Scholarship Endowment
40214–Lorraine Mayers Towerlight Scholarship Endowment Fund
35807–Joseph McMullen Memorial Scholarship
35891–Donald I. Minnegan Scholarship Endowment
40242–Martha A. Mitten Memorial Professorship Endowment
40325–Kenneth and Renee Moreland Accounting Scholarshp Endowment
35702–Dr. Armin Mruck Scholarship
35604–Joyce C. Neubert Memorial Fund
35949–Joyce Neubert Scholarship Fund
40190–Dr. Edward and Mrs. Shirley Neulander Endowment
35870–Lois D. Odell Biology Scholarship Endowment
40339–Mary Wilhelm Odell & William A. Odell Memorial Scholarship Endowment
40350–Mary Wilhelm Odell & William A. Odell Memorial Scholarship Endowment - Elementary Education
35642–Towson University Dr. Harvey Paul Scholarship in Economics
40183–Ronald L. Peterson Alumni Fund
35893–Ronald & Linda Raspet Scholarship Endowment
40323–Elizabeth Straining Rathell Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35873–Retired Faculty Scholarship
40303–Reynaldo Reyes Piano Scholarship Endowment
40191–Ray Riordon Scholarship Endowment
40206–Edward I. Rubendall Endowment
35849–Henry Sanborn Music Scholarship Endowment
40328–Robert H. and Ruth S. Sander Endowment
35869–James R. Saxon Memorial Scholarship Endowment
35830–Mary Scarbrough-Carr Scholarship Endowment
35932–Ruth C. Schwalm Fund
35876–Rosaria Serio & Giovanni Faraino Scholarship Fund
35941–Alexander E. Sidorowicz Memorial Fund
40261–The Smith Fund
35832–Hoke L. Smith Scholarship Endowment
40251–James W. Smith Scholarship Endowment
40243–Francis S. Soistman, Sr. Endowment for Top Ten Scholars
35582–Ray Stinar Fund
40322–Ray Tannahill Endowment
35854–Audna Elizabeth Thompson Memorial Scholarship
35896–Ann L. Wagner Scholarship in Mathematics
35848–Warren Internship Award Endowment
35723–Professor Wing-Chun Wong Essay Prize
40287–Tamara Woroby Economics Scholarship Endowment
40329–Angela Gerwig Harold Memorial Endowed Scholarship


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Making a gift to one of the honor or memory accounts is a wonderful way to acknowledge our colleagues.



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