Ryan MuffiRyan Muffi, Recipient of the Study Abroad Scholarship

Ryan Muffi is a beneficiary of the Study Abroad Scholarship, which is funded by generous gifts of all sizes from alumni, parents, and friends of Towson University.

Why did you choose to attend Towson University?          
I chose to attend Towson University because it was congruent with everything I wanted in a college. Towson has some of the wonderful qualities of a small school: great teacher to student ratio, one-on-one resources, personable faculty and cohort-structured programs, as well as amenities that are common to large schools (massive events, many dining possibilities and diverse and well-funded student groups). I felt as though there was great value in a degree at Towson.

Whom do you admire and find a source of inspiration?  
My friends have been my largest source of inspiration. They are very ambitious, a bit older, and have similar career interests as me. Witnessing them put their hearts into educational and organizational projects while enjoying their time in college has motivated me to do the same.

What is your favorite class and/or professor? Why?        
Advanced Experimental Design Psychology has been my favorite course at Towson. Dr. Mattanah has a very clear and systematic way of explaining relatively abstract concepts. The course is part of the Psychology Department Honors Thesis Program, which gives us the opportunity to execute independent research projects in our desired fields. The students in the class appreciate how he personally invests himself in guiding every student’s project toward success.

What has been your best experience at Towson so far?   
Having the opportunity to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina was the best experience I've had at Towson so far. I was able to learn about topics in my major that were applied cross-culturally to Argentina. Knowledge about culture cannot be solely learned in a classroom, so I'm very fortunate to have had the opportunity to gain cultural awareness through studying abroad. Also, I have grown close with many of the students who attended the trip.

Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities at Towson?
I am a Resident Assistant for Housing and Residence Life and a member and incoming President of Towson's Psi Chi chapter (International Honors Psychology Organization).

What are your career plans and aspirations?
I want to earn a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and eventually become a university professor. I want to treat patients/clients who have mental disorders and/or low global functioning. There is nothing I find more fascinating than studying individuals. I think that practicing clinical psychology would be very rewarding—I would be helping people live their lives to their highest potential. Ultimately becoming a university professor is enticing to me because I consider myself a highly extraverted people-person, and I love most topics in psychology.

What does the Study Abroad Scholarship mean to you?
Words cannot express how grateful I am for this scholarship, which has changed my educational experience and life for the better. With this generous scholarship, I was able to take six course credits in two weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I learned about Argentina's fascinating social and business culture.  The courses granted me invaluable knowledge that I will continue to apply in my life and career for years to come and gave me more insight into understanding and interacting with people from completely different backgrounds. Whether I am working with clients, students, peers, or colleagues in the future, these lessons will aid me in communicating effectively.

Receiving Towson University Foundation scholarship support has propelled me to work hard for my own goals and those of others. Experiencing generosity to such a degree is contagious and inspires me to give my effort to others. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the Study Abroad Scholarship. It allowed me to have an experience that transcended anything I thought I would do at Towson.

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