Aaron Chotikul, Class of 2012Aaron Chotikul, Recipient of the Ann L. Wagner Scholarship in Mathematics

Aaron Chotikul is a beneficiary of the philanthropy of the late faculty member Ann L. Wagner who left a charitable bequest to establish the Ann L. Wagner Scholarship in Mathematics.

Why did you choose to attend Towson University?
I planned on being a teacher and Towson is Maryland's best school for preparing future teachers.

What is your favorite class and/or professor?  Why?
My favorite class has been Euclidean and Non- Euclidean Geometry because of the professor that taught it, Dr. Gail Kaplan.  She knew how to motivate the whole class and push everyone to do their best.  She is the best math professor I have ever had.  Dr. Kaplan went beyond her role as a professor and any student that needed help she would make sure they understood the material.  She expected everyone to work hard and I admire her style as an educator.

What has been your best moment or greatest achievement at Towson so far?
My greatest achievement at Towson is this scholarship.  I am so honored that I was the recipient of the Ann L. Wagner Scholarship.  It has helped me see that all my hard work is important in the eyes of the math department.

Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities at Towson?
I was a volunteer firefighter and a sunday school teacher.

What are your career plans/aspirations?
My desire is to become a math teacher.  I chose this career because there is no better joy then solving a difficult math problem.  Today so many teens have a distaste for math and I want to change that.  I want the world to see that math can be challenging and fun.  I want students to see that math can give them an opportunity to change the world.

What does the Ann L. Wagner Scholarship in Mathematics mean to you?
I am so grateful for this scholarship.  The Ann L. Wagner Scholarship has allowed me to spend less time at work and more time in the classroom student teaching in Harford County schools.  The more time I can spend observing in the classroom the better educator I can be.  This scholarship has not only helped me, it has helped all my future students.  In a country where many students struggle at mathematics I hope I can allow my students to see math the same way I do.  I want my students to see that they can change the world with math, if they have the right attitude.  This will be a challenge, so I need to be prepared before I enter my own classroom.  The Ann L. Wagner Scholarship has allowed my complete attention to be focused on learning ways to help educate my students on the wonders of mathematics.  For me and my family, this scholarship has been a blessing.

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