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Since 1985 the ELC has provided superior language instruction to over 3,000 students representing more than 70 countries. The ELC has an exciting series of classes and laboratory resources to help you strengthen your English skills.The ELC program of instruction:Classroom Photo at ELC Towson Maryland

  • Prepares you for academic study in a university
  • Develops your study skills to help you achieve success in university classes
  • Provides listening and note-taking practice in skills lab
  • Offers you computer assisted instruction in the Resource Lab
  • Includes word processing skills development
  • Makes learning English exciting, challenging, and fun!

Full-time F-1 students are enrolled in the core courses of Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening, and Speaking at one of four levels of instruction: beginning through advanced. In addition, students will be assigned one course from a series of English Applications, and they work in the Language Resource Laboratory.

Full-time students (F-1 Visa) receive a minimum of 18 hours of instruction per week. Part-time study is available for students who do not require an F-1 Visa. They may enroll in one or more courses for a minimum of 3 hours per week. Classes are small, averaging 12-15 students, and meet Monday through Friday. Furthermore, ELC classes are interactive, giving you many opportunities to speak, work in small groups, and apply your skills in real-life language learning situations.

If you are planning to study at an American university after completing the ELC program, you may apply to Towson University or to one of the many colleges and universities located in the area. The TOEFL is waived for undergraduate students who satisfy Towson admission requirements and have completed the advanced level of the ELC with a grade of B in each of their courses.


Important note: Admission to the English Language Center at Towson, Maryland, does not guarantee admission to Towson University. Upon successful completion of their language studies at the ELC, students can apply to Towson as graduate or undergraduate students. They will be accepted on the basis of their academic achievements as well as their English proficiency.


"I have learned so much being at ELC with excellent and rigorous teachers, and that has greatly determined the result of my application and my interview."

—Yemboado (Burkina Faso)






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