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Eastern Telegraph Company System Map, 1901

Eastern Telegraph Company System Map, 1901. From A.B.C. Telegraphic Code 5th Edition, 1901.

The History Department offers a variety of courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. The following list is continuously updated and presented for planning purposes only. In the first instance, students should rely on the official course listings published by the Office of the Registrar when selecting classes for next semester. Courses for future semesters not listed by the Registrar's Office are not guaranteed to be offered.

Regularly offered courses that have not been scheduled at this time are not listed below. For course descriptions, refer to the Course Descriptions page.

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Spring 2015

Fall 2015

Spring 2016

Fall 2016
HIST 101: Introduction to Ancient Civilization
HIST 102: European Civilization to the 17th Century
HIST 103: European Civilization From the 17th Century
HIST 110: East Asian Civilization to the 19th Century
HIST 111: East Asian Civilization from the 19th Century
HIST 117: Islamic History: From the Rise of Islam to the Ottomans
HIST 118: Modern Middle East History        
HIST 121: Latin America: Colonial Period  
HIST 122: Latin America: National Period        
HIST 135: African History and Culture
HIST 136: Africa Since 1900        
HIST 145: History of the US to the Mid-19th Century
HIST 146: History of the US Since the Mid-19th Century
HIST 148: Honors History of the US Since the Mid-19th Century
HIST 160: World History Before 1300
HIST 161: World History Since 1300
HIST 162: Honors American Indian History        
HIST 202: Cities of the Ancient World        
HIST 205: Ethical Perspectives in History
HIST 275: The History of Ancient Israel        
HIST 277: A Survey of Jewish History



Spring 2015

Fall 2015

Spring 2016

Fall 2016
HIST 300: Introduction to Historical Study
  Topic: US History, 1789-1877
  Topic: US History, 1789-1877 & History of Towson Univ.        
  Topic: World War I and the Russian Revolution
  Topic: World War I
  Topic: History, Memory, and Violence in Asia
  Topic: An Institutional History of Towson Univ. at 150        
  Topic: Slavery and American Politics        
  Topic: Protestant Reformation        
  Topic: Creation of the Macedonian Monarchy        
  Topic: Europe and the First World War        
HIST 486: History Seminar (Capstone)
  Topic: Viking Sagas and Old Norse Language
  Topic: Thomas Jefferson and his World        
  Topic: The British Empire and Palestine        
  Topic: Recent European History, 1945-2001        
  Topic: American History        



Spring 2015

Fall 2015

Spring 2016
HIST 301: Ancient Egyptian Civilization
HIST 302: Ancient Near Eastern & Anatolian Civilizations      
HIST 304: Ancient Greek Civilization      
HIST 307: The Andean Republics      
HIST 316: Revolutionary China
HIST 320: Japan, 1930-Present  
HIST 328: The Making of Colonial Africa (c. 1884-1994)
HIST 329: History of South Africa
HIST 331: US Military History, 1898-1945
HIST 332: American Military History Since 1945  
HIST 336: Environmental History of the Modern World      
HIST 338: The Middle East, An Urban Perspective      
HIST 340: Israel/Palestine: Conflicting Past, Conflicting Present  
HIST 342: Sailors, Merchants, Spies: Portuguese Encounters      
HIST 346: The American Revolutionary Period      
HIST 349: The Civil War
HIST 354: Conflict & Cooperation in Cold War East Asia  
HIST 355: History of Japanese Cinema
HIST 360: Recent American History, 1945-1975      
HIST 361: Gays and Lesbians in US History
HIST 362: Makers, Buyers, Users: History of the American Economy      
HIST 370: Diplomatic History of the United States Since 1900
HIST 374: The American West      
HIST 375: The City in American History
HIST 377: Asian American History
HIST 380: Native American History Since 1900      
HIST 381: African American History to the Mid-19th Century      
HIST 382: African American History from the Mid-19th Century      
HIST 384: Disease & History: From the Neolithic to the Present
HIST 389: Roots of Rock and Roll
HIST 390: Medieval Cities of Europe      
HIST 397: History of Maryland: Colonial Times to the Present
HIST 399: Origins of Writing
HIST 402: The High Middle Ages: 1050-1350      
HIST 404: The Reformation: 1500-1648      
HIST 431: France, 1763-1871
HIST 432: France Since 1871
HIST 440: The Samurai
HIST 452: Russia/Soviet Union: 1894-1953
HIST 475: Public History: Theory & Practice
HIST 484: Historical Themes
  Topic: Ancient Greek Religion (co-taught)
  Topic: Creation of the Macedonian Monarchy      
  Topic: Drug Use & Drug Policy in America 1942-1990      



Spring 2015

Fall 2015

Spring 2016
AMST 201: Introduction to American Studies      
HONR 370: Honors Seminar Advanced Topics
  Topic: Between History and Legend: Gilgamesh
HUMA Graduate Seminar      
JDST 630: Medieval Jewish History      
JDST 631: The Jews In the Modern World
SOSC Graduate Seminar      
  SOSC 602: Comparative History and Historiography      
TSEM 102: Towson Seminar      
  Topic: America in the 1960s
  Topic: America’s War on Drugs
  Topic: Re-Fighting the Civil War
  Topic: Facing the Inquisitor
  Topic: To Hell and Back      
  Topic: Let's Go to the Mall      
  Topic: Social Media Versus Dictators in the Middle East
  Topic: Water: A Multi-Faucet Resource
  Topic: China Today


No History course offerings for Minimester 2016 are currently scheduled.


Mini 2016
HIST 484: Historical Themes


Note: course offerings are subject to enrollment.


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4
HIST 103: European Civilization From the 17th Century
HIST 146: History of the US Since the Mid-19th Century
HIST 202: Cities of the Ancient World        
HIST 355: History of Japanese Cinema
HIST 375/553: The City in American History        
HIST 441/582: Germany, 1871-1945



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