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Core Curriculum

The Towson University education is underpinned by our Core Curriculum, a slate of 14 courses that will expand your knowledge of yourself and the world around you, while providing a well-rounded education in disciplines as wide-ranging as biology, philosophy, anthropology and art.

It all begins with the Towson Seminar, a course in your first year that will introduce you to the university’s expectations for education and engagement. From there, you’ll explore a range of Core Curriculum courses in different disciplines. Some will focus on urban issues and outlooks while encouraging service learning. Others will provide awareness of our rapidly changing world. Still others address the choices and interactions that are part of the environment in which students actually live.

You’ll take the majority of Core Curriculum courses in your first two years at Towson, as you develop your interests and select a major. If you're undecided about your major, taking core courses and exploring electives will help you find the major that's right for you. A variety of courses satisfy our Core Curriculum requirements, so you will have many options for choosing courses that are both stimulating and relevant to your interests and goals.

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