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Honors College

Honors students in lecture

The Honors College brings together the brightest students from across the university—regardless of major—to share intensive study across disciplines. As an honors student, you’ll be encouraged to develop your interests, cultivate your talents, and achieve excellence in academics, research, service and personal development. You’ll have opportunities to live and learn with your peers as you explore the possibilities of who you want to become.

You’ll typically enroll in one or two honors classes each term, with many honors classes satisfying Core Curriculum or major requirements. During your first two years, special honors seminars will give you an opportunity to work closely with the Honors College faculty in small, interactive settings. Beginning with the junior year, you’ll pursue honors course work within your major as you work with select faculty on honors projects, research and internships.

The life of an honors student doesn’t just revolve around academics—you can also choose to be part of an honors-only residential community on campus. About half of Honors College students choose to live in honors housing in the university’s new West Village complex. Students live together and share ideas in an atmosphere conducive to academic achievement, forming close relationships with roommates and classmates who share the same drive and commitment.

Douglass House

Honors Housing

Douglass House, located in the West Village, is the honors residence hall.

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