1. Undergraduate Admissions

    Student Profile

    Admission to Towson University is competitive. If you're wondering how your application will stack up, it might help to know a little bit about what we look for. Below you'll find a profile of our 2015 freshman and transfer class and a brief overview of what we seek in an applicant.

    2015 Freshman Class 

    Applications: 12,348
    Admitted: 8,033
    Enrolled: 2,718

    Average GPA on a 4.0 scale: 3.62
    Average SAT (Reading, Math, Writing): 1627
    Average ACT composite score: 24

    What We Look For

    Your grades and test scores are the greatest factors in our decision making process, but we seek students who are also well-rounded and involved outside of the classroom. The following five criteria are the components of our admission decision.

    1. Course Work

    Your cumulative weighted high school GPA is one of the most important aspects of your application. Based on each school’s GPA calculations and grading scale, some GPA’s are recalculated to equally compare applicants.  Course rigor and improvement are also considered when reviewing a student’s high school transcript.

    2. SAT or ACT Scores
    We require our applicants to take either the SAT or ACT. The average SAT score for our applicants is a 1627 and the average ACT score is a 24. SAT/ACT scores are important and we evaluate your test scores in correlation with your cumulative weighted high school GPA.

    3. College Essay
    The essay allows you to show us what makes you exceptional. We enjoy reading essays that present an honest and thoughtful picture of you.  Please be sure to answer the specific essay prompt on your application.

    4. Letters of Recommendation (optional)
    A student with a strong letter of recommendation can have a critical advantage in the final stages of the competitive admission process.  We will accept a maximum of 2 letters of recommendation.

    5. Extracurricular Activities list (optional)
    We look for well-rounded students who will enhance the university both inside and outside the classroom. An individual who participates in clubs, sports and activities in high school demonstrates that he or she is just this type of student. Choose clubs wisely and don't try to do too much—we want you to remain focused on your academics.



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