Your Admissions Counselor: Jeffrey Haas

Director of International Admissions Jeffrey Haas

I’ve represented Towson in more than 40 countries over three decades.
I enjoy the challenge of teaching prospective students about American higher education, Maryland, and the life-changing affect the Towson experience can provide. The cultures, customs and people I’ve encountered have enriched my life and profoundly changed my world view.

Here’s something you may not know about Towson.

International students are surprised by the diversity of nationalities represented among both the student population and the faculty. They come to Towson expecting to meet Americans, but they also discover they’re able to meet people from a lot of other countries.

My advice to anyone who’s applying.

I can’t stress this enough: Be sure you have sufficient financial resources. Living in the United States is expensive. Some international students arrive at Towson with no idea of the hidden costs of American life, such as transportation, entertainment, personal services, etc. Sometimes no matter how much money they’ve saved, more is needed.

The coolest thing I’ve heard someone say about Towson.

I’ve received countless comments about how helpful our faculty is. International students really appreciate the mentoring/helping approach that most professors bring to the classroom. That’s rare in most other parts of the world, but it’s the crux of the Towson experience.

My “warm and fuzzy” moment.

That would be when I look around our office at the shelves filled with gifts and mementoes from past and present international students. They very much appreciate the effort involved in helping them come to America.


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