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Application Fee Waiver

For all requests to waive the $45 application fee, the student indicates his/her eligibility for the waiver by clicking on the appropriate checkbox at the time of application. All documented waiver requests are granted. If an applicant (or the designated high school official) does not provide documentation, the Towson application is held and is not processed for review.

The applicant is notified that he/she is missing the fee waiver documentation via their Status Checker email, which is sent when the application is loaded into PeopleSoft. Upon receipt of either the documentation or the application fee payment, the application process begins and the application moves toward the evaluation stage.

A request to waive the application fee remains open until the semester deadline for application submission. If documentation has not been received by the semester application deadline, University Admissions administratively closes the application. Waivers are not denied, however, the application is not processed unless documentation is received.

The following are the different types of waivers TU accepts:

  • College Board/SAT Waiver Student and high school counselor complete a standardized form from the College Board certifying that the applicant meets “eligibility criteria for using an SAT fee waiver”. The applicant indicates that he/she has the waiver when applying and then sends TU the form. This form is obtained by the student and high school counselor and can be faxed or mailed to Towson University. http://professionals.collegeboard.com/guidance/applications/fee-waivers http://www.nacacnet.org/studentinfo/feewaiver/Pages/default.aspx

  • College Bound Waiver CollegeBound Foundation is a local nonprofit organization, dedicated to fostering and funding the dream of a college education for underserved students attending Baltimore City public high schools. High school counselors and students request the waiver from the organization. https://www.collegeboundfoundation.org/

  • Request for Waiver from HS Counselor (Financial hardship) The high school counselor sends TU a request, on institution letter head, for the waiver based on student’s enrollment in the federal reduced lunch program. The applicant indicates that they have the waiver when applying. The waiver request from the high school counselor can be faxed or mailed to Towson University.

  • Military Service Waiver Applicant requests a waiver based on active duty status with current orders or with an honorable discharge from military duty and a copy of his/her DD214 to verify. These forms can be faxed or mailed to Towson University.

  • Alumni Admissions Nomination Program The Towson alumnus submits a form nominating the applicant to the Alumni Office. The office then verifies the alumnus’ status and sends the form to Admissions. The applicant indicates that they are requesting the alumni waiver at time of application. http://www.tutigertracks.com/s/108/index.aspx?sid=108&gid=1&pgid=542&cid=1260&post_id=0

  • Top 10% Waiver This is given to any verified applicant in the Top 10% program within a Baltimore City or Baltimore County public high school ONLY. Verification of eligibility lists are sent to Towson University from the high school guidance counselors who work with University Admissions coordinators. The applicant must indicate that they are requesting a Top 10% waiver.
  • Graduate Director’s Waiver Not publicized, based upon an applicant request to a Graduate Program Director. Director can email staff to request the waiver.

  • Undergraduate Degree Waiver An applicant to a graduate program requests this based on the fact that he/she graduated from TU with a baccalaureate degree. The degree is verified by admissions staff and the waiver granted. The waiver is always granted for eligible students

  • Open House Waiver (2+2 programs) A list of open house attendees is created by the individual 2+2 program directors and is then sent to staff to be applied to the student’s application package.

  • McNair Scholars This is a graduate TRIO program under the US Department of Education. McNair Scholars complete an application fee waiver form which is offered on-line by the program. The applicant submits this completed form to University Admissions to complete the waiver documentation. http://mcnairscholars.com/

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