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Your Admissions Counselor: Kelly Smith

Senior Assistant Director Kelly Smith

My own student experiences helped prepare me for my job.

Being a student-athlete at UMBC really helped prepare me for life after college and a job in higher education. Being a member of the women’s lacrosse team taught me valuable skills, such as time management and determination, and gave me a strong work ethic.

Towson offers some really interesting courses.

I think it’s cool that we offer classes in jewelry-making!

Here’s something you may not know about Towson.

Towson has a very rich history. As someone who loves history, I find it very interesting that Stephens Hall, originally the administration building, was modeled after an English manor house that was home to Anne Boleyn, King Henry the VIII’s second wife.

My advice to anyone who’s applying.

Own your college search. I’ve had many parents approach me at college fairs or email and call me about their son’s or daughter’s interest in Towson. While it’s wonderful that parents are involved in the college search—and they should be—ultimately students must decide where they will be spending the next four years. Nothing impresses me more than students who take the lead with their college searches.

The coolest thing I’ve heard someone say about Towson.

That Towson feels like “home away from home.”

My “warm and fuzzy” moment.

I assisted a first-generation student with the admissions process. She started out unsure that she would even be able to go to college, and by the time she was ready for Orientation, she was confident and excited about the possibilities that lay ahead of her.

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