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Meet Caroline Rodriguez

MAJOR : Law and
American Civilization/ Political Science

Germantown, Md.

Student Ambassadors,
Homecoming Committee

Law School



The TU Career Center

Caroline Rodriguez

Is it true that you’re the fourth member of your immediate family to attend Towson University?
“Yes, but at first I didn’t want to follow in my dad’s and siblings’ footsteps. My parents wanted me to go to Towson, but I wanted to go out of state for college. Two months into my freshman year I was unhappy and decided to apply to Towson. My family kept the ‘I told you so’ comments to a minimum!”

When were you sure you’d made the right choice?
“When I received an email from my mom asking if I was all right. I used to call her every day when I was upset at my previous school, so she was worried when she didn’t hear from me. I was having such a wonderful time, I forgot to let her know.”

What do you like about Towson?
“This is a campus where it’s almost impossible to not get involved! I've participated in many clubs and organizations, including LeaderShape, a week long leadership development program where I learned a lot about myself. "I’ve also really enjoyed giving campus tours as a Student Ambassador at Towson. I get to talk about why I love Towson and help students make a choice of where to attend college. I can give them advice that I wish I had received when I was a high school senior."

Caroline and her family
Transferring to towson was the right move for me.

Weren't you involved in planning Homecoming?
"I was inspired to do something big before my senior year, so I joined the Homecoming Committee. Homecoming on the college level was bigger than anything I could have imagined, but well worth the work. I was able to lend a hand with planning the King and Queen of the jungle Pageant, residence hall decorating, 'Say What? Karaoke,' a pep rally, and a tiger spirit picture that involved getting more than 1,500 students to come to the football field to form a T and a U. It was our biggest accomplishment."

Which campus organization means the most to you?
"During my sophomore year, a couple of friends and I founded Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity. As a member and officer, I help students decide if they want to go to law school. I also plan events, invite speakers to campus and attend conferences. Best of all, I've been in touch with law school chapters at institutions that I am considering attending. Had I not gotten involved at Towson, I might not have the opportunity to network and become a part of such a supportive group.”

What about internships?
"I scheduled an appointment with a counselor at the Career Center at Towson, and 30 minutes later had a list of area internships, including some employers that hire only Towson students. I am currently intern at the Office of the Attorney General for the state of Maryland in the Consumer Protection Division. I've also returned to the Career Center to work with a counselor on my resume."

More than 1,500 students spell 'TU' on Burdick Field for a spirit photo Caroline helped organize last year.

What’s the secret of your success?
“Mostly lots of studying and way too many sleepless nights, but I also owe a lot to my parents. They let me make mistakes and were supportive through it all. They taught me that it was OK as long as I learned something. Though I didn’t take the traditional route to get where I am, it has only strengthened my love for Towson. I’ll be sad to leave when I graduate.”

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