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Meet Travis Payne
MAJOR: Elementary Education

HOMETOWN: Columbia, Md.

ACTIVITIES: New Student Orientation, community center assistant, Student Ambassador

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

SPORTS I LOVE: Football and basketball

Matt Markowitz

Why did you choose elementary education?
When I was in high school, I did a lot of community-service work at the preschool in my area. I knew I wanted to work with kids: I had the patience, the organization skills and the desire to be a good role model.”

Who’s the faculty member who made a biggest difference in your life?
That would have to be Heather Haverback, a member of the elementary education faculty. Dr. Haverback became an important resource and a friend during my journey through Towson. She helped me find my internship placement, and she was always there when I needed help or a confidence boost.”

Nash with his finance professor, Ted Rugemer.
I want to give my students ... of the classroom.

What impressed you most about interning at an inner-city school?
“The experience showed me what kind of dedication you need to teach in the most trying places. While interning at a Baltimore City elementary school I saw how much the teachers cared despite minimal resources and support—they really want to be there.”

How did you manage your classroom?
“It’s important to get to know each student in the class. When you really understand every student, try to talk to every student and plan for every student, you can engage all of them at once. If you’re planning for a group, you’ll miss things and the students won’t be interested. But if you take every student into account, everyone will enjoy it and get something out of it.”

What’s your most memorable experience?
“During my senior year, I worked in a first-grade class that had four deaf children. I did a few lessons that included a sign-language aspect so that all of the students could learn more about sign language. I had not taken sign-language courses before this, and so I worked closely with the special educator who was there the week before school started. I really enjoyed this opportunity.”

What do you look forward to most about becoming a teacher?
“I’m excited to have my own classroom and to really be in charge—being a teacher has always been my dream. I want to give my students the tools to be better people, to be honest, patient and kind, in and outside of the classroom.”

What do you tell people about Towson when you give tours for new students?
“I always tell them how enjoyable Towson is and how much of a community it is. As long as you are willing to get involved and keep your door open, both literally and figuratively, people will try to get to know you. Towson has a small-community feel, so you eventually feel like you know everyone. I also tell them about the fun things: snowball fights, lying out on the ‘beach’ and playing Frisbee.”

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Nash with the TU golf team
Nash with the TU golf team

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