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Direct FAFSA to CCBC - Deadline: ASAP
Contact: CCBC Financial Aid Office:  Barry Amos - 443-840-3088 or Mike Webster - 443-840-3322

If you have already submitted a FAFSA, you must go online to direct your application to CCBC by adding the CCBC school code (code #002063).

In addition, students who have been awarded Maryland State Scholarships must also redirect their state aid to CCBC. Additional information is below.

Applying for Financial Aid

Do not wait for a bill from CCBC or Towson University to apply for financial aid.

Students may begin applying for financial aid assistance now at Information regarding estimated expenses as well as a financial aid worksheet are available at the Freshman Transition Program.

All financial aid will be administered by CCBC. Financial aid includes:

  • Grants
  • Private, state and institutional scholarships
  • Student loans
  • Alternative and Parent PLUS loans

Additional Information

  1. Financial aid can be used to pay both bills. Aid is first applied to the CCBC tuition bill. Remaining aid can be used to pay the Towson University bill.
  2. You may be selected for verification based on the information you provide on your FAFSA. Before a financial aid award letter can be generated, you must submit all requested documentation. If you have received a Maryland State scholarship or grant, you must go online to Maryland College Aid Processing System (MDCAPS) to redirect your state aid to CCBC.

  3. For other private scholarships, you must contact the awarding organization to advise them that you are changing institutions and to redirect your funds to CCBC.

  4. Your financial aid award may not cover the total cost of your educational expenses. We encourage your parents to apply for a Parent PLUS Loan to pay for educational costs not covered by other forms of financial aid. You may also want to consider applying for a student loan. Both loans require paper applications that are specific to the Freshman Transition Program. Loan applications can be found at the Freshman Transition Program.

  5. CCBC will inform Towson of anticipated financial aid once the financial aid verification process is complete.

  6. Students MUST apply for financial aid or redirect aid to CCBC before the deadline in order for financial aid funds to appear on TU or CCBC bills.

  7. The required paper PLUS loan application will provide the option for parents to make PLUS loan balances (the amount left over after the CCBC tuition bill has been paid) available to either the student or the parent borrower.

  • Should you elect to make the balance available to the parent borrower, refund checks will be  mailed to the parent’s home address at which point it will be the parent’s responsibility to use these funds to pay any remaining balance at Towson University.

  • Should you elect to make the balance available to the student, the funds will be delivered to the Towson University Bursar’s Office to be signed by the student and applied to the bill.

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