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Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS)

As you make your way down York Road to your Monday morning class, look around. You’ll probably notice that you’re in one of many cars heading for TU. Off-campus and commuter students make up more than 75 percent of TU’s full-time undergraduate population.

To help non-residential students connect to campus and the greater Towson community, Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) provides a wide range of resources, services and programs designed to help students develop into responsible community members with independent life skills. Whether you currently live off campus or are planning to move off campus, let OCSS be part of your off-campus living experience.


OCSS provides various types of information for commuter students. MTA schedules, area maps, shuttle service information and off-campus housing options can be found at the OCSS information board on the first floor of the University Union, next to Auxiliary Services.

Off-Campus Housing

OCSS facilitates the transition of TU students into surrounding communities through two events: Apartments Visit TU, held in October, and the Off-Campus Living Fair, held in February. Both of these events occur annually and allow students to gather information from local apartment communities and businesses that serve the Towson community. OCSS also collaborates with the Department of Housing and Residence Life to provide off-campus housing listings for both housing wanted and available. Looking for off-campus housing? Visit the Off-Campus Housing website.


OCSS provides programs to connect non-residential students with the campus community and fellow commuters. OCSS hosts commuter-friendly programs like Commuter Appreciation Day, Good Evening Commuters, Finals Fuel and What to Know About Moving Off-Campus, and supports the program initiatives of the Commuter Student Organization (CSO). The CSO distributes monthly newsletters, participates in community service opportunities, and hosts programs for commuter students.

Commuter Tips for Success

  • Keep your permanent and/or local address up to date with Towson Online Services on the student portal.

  • Learn the TU shuttle system.

  • Anticipate looking for a parking space and give yourself extra time.

  • Get involved in out-of-class activities.







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