Katy Buck

Why did you decide to come to Towson?

“I decided on Towson mainly for the volleyball program. I was offered a scholarship, and I really liked the girls on the team and the athletics program. Also, I heard good things about the biology department.”

How long have you been playing volleyball?

“I played on a rec team in middle school, and started club volleyball in 8th grade. My friends were playing volleyball, so I decided to play too and fell in love with the game.”

Katy Buck playing volleyballTell me about practice.

“We practice every day for three hours. Typically we warm up through some agility drills, followed by what are called pepper drills with partners. Then, we do some offensive-defensive warm ups and play scrimmage for the last hour.” 

How did you become team captain?

“The team votes on it during pre-season. There are always two captains, preferably from different classes so that both captains don’t graduate at the same time. I was captain last year as well.”

What’s your focus for the team this year?

“I just hope we win the CAA conference this year and do well as a team. That would be really cool. It’s my main goal this year.”

Tell us about your athletics blog, Dig This.

“My co-captain and I write blog posts every week with our feelings on how the games went for our team that weekend. I actually wrote my last blog post on the bus ride home from our game.”

Do you have a favorite professional volleyball player or Olympian?

“I’d say Kerri Walsh. I love that she’s both a mom and Olympian. She was actually pregnant during the Olympics this year. That’s so cool, because Olympic athletes are usually either really young or they don’t have kids because they’re so involved in their sport. So to have a family and be a gold medalist is awesome.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“During volleyball season I barely have any free time. We travel so much and sometimes miss class, so it’s easy to fall behind if you don’t keep up on your school work. On a day off, I usually just catch up on sleep. In the spring, when things chill out a bit, I like to hang out with my friends and play Frisbee outside if the weather is nice.”Katy Buck during a volleyball game

Is it hard to juggle majoring in biology and playing volleyball?

“Yes, especially during pre-season when we travel and sometimes miss class. Most teachers are great about helping us out. It can be hard finding time to study, but it has forced me to develop good study habits and time management skills. I think it has helped to prepare me for the demands of graduate school and the working world.”


What are your plans after graduation?

“I want to go to P.A. (Physician Assistant) school. There are only two P.A. master’s programs in Maryland, and one is at Towson. You need a lot of hours of medical experience to get in. I got my EMT certification over the summer, and now work as an EMT at the Owings Mills Volunteer Fire Department. So hopefully over the next year I’ll build up my hours so I can get into the P.A. program.”

Any advice for incoming student-athletes?

“Playing volleyball has been such a good experience. It has taught me a lot about life in general. Sports have helped me to deal with the ups and downs of life. Sometimes you play well, sometimes you don’t. You deal with winning and losing. It’s a good thing as you graduate and go into the working world. You learn to keep a level head while dealing with both the good and the bad, and to keep pushing forward.“

 Towson's volleyball team in front of the construction for the Towson Arena

Towson's volleyball team poses in front of the construction for the new Towson Arena.

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