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Is there a deadline?

Yes!  To be considered for all available financial aid programs, you must submit all aid applications by their respective deadlines.

  • To be considered for need-based aid, every year you must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by TU's FAFSA Priority Deadline.

  • To apply for Undergraduate Admissions Office Scholarships, submit an Application for Fall Admission, transcripts, and test results by December 1.

  • To apply for other scholarships, you must meet the deadlines for each scholarship application.

TU's FAFSA Priority Deadline

Every year, students must submit a FAFSA in January or early February to apply for aid for the following academic year (Fall & Spring terms).

For 2015-16 aid, submit your FAFSA by 2/15/2015.

  • Apply every year at
  • TU’s FAFSA School Code: 002099
  • First day to apply: January 1
  • To meet TU's Priority Deadline, submit your FAFSA by February 15.
  • (For many TU and Maryland state aid programs, you must submit your FAFSA by 2/15 so that it can be fully processed by the 3/1 deadline.)

Several days after you submit the FAFSA:

  • Return to the FAFSA web site.
  • Confirm that all your data is accurate.
  • Confirm that your “Expected Family Contribution (EFC)” is not blank.
  • Read all comments and error messages .

FAFSA Tax Data Requirements

  • The FAFSA requires data from your federal tax return. To meet the Priority Deadline, you must submit your FAFSA by February 15, but the IRS tax filing deadline is not until April 15.
  • If you file your taxes early enough, the online FAFSA will offer you the option to transfer the required tax data from the IRS to your FAFSA.
  • If your federal tax return data is not available by 2/15, you should submit your FAFSA by 2/15 with estimated tax return data.

How can I estimate my tax data?

We know it may be inconvenient to apply for aid in January before you complete your income tax returns.  Use the income records (W2's, end of year bank and investment statements, etc.) that you have in January to carefully estimate your Adjusted Gross Income and asset information.  If you find differences when you prepare your income tax return, you can correct the information on your application at the FAFSA web site.

What is a "priority" deadline?

The priority deadline is the date by which you must have a processed FAFSA with a valid Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  We offer aid first to all students whose applications meet the Priority Deadline.

Applications received after the priority deadline are processed on a rolling basis.  Because we work with limited funds in the campus-based federal and university programs, all of the need-based grant aid will go to eligible students who meet the priority deadline.  Aid offers made after the priority deadline will contain only direct aid, such as Pell Grant (for exceptionally needy students who qualify), and loans from the Federal Direct Loan programs.

Can I apply for aid after the deadline?

Yes!  We accept applications for aid after the priority deadline and throughout the academic year.  However, you may not receive as much aid as you would by meeting the Priority Deadline.

If I did not meet the Priority Deadline what is the "final deadline?"

To receive aid for the fall term, we must receive your completed FAFSA results from the U.S. Department of Education by November 15 of that term.  If you are applying for aid for the full academic year (fall and spring) or for the spring term only, we must receive your FAFSA results from the U.S. Department of Education by April 15 of the spring term.  

You must complete your FAFSA at least 4 weeks ahead of the deadline to allow time for the U.S. Department of Education to process your FAFSA and send the results electronically to the university.

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