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 Do you feel lonely and have few friends on campus? Or do you feel out of sync with or unsupported by the friends you do have? While these kinds of feelings can sometimes be signs of mental health issues such as depression and social anxiety (if you think this might be the case, contact the Counseling Center), often the explanation is easier than that: you need to make some new friends. If that’s true for you, try one or more of these ideas for adding to or changing your circle of friends: Join a student organization. Invite a classmate to be your study partner. Attend a workshop, meeting, or social event. Participate in a sport or take a fitness class. Do volunteer work. All of these activities and many others will bring you into contact with new people. But that’s just the first step. Creating new friendships requires an active approach, rather than waiting for others to come to you. Click here for some advice on things you can do to help build new friendships.



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