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Keep a spiritual journal.

Writing in a spiritual journal or diary is similar to other journaling, but its primary focus is on your spiritual journey and experiences. Brother Dan Phillips suggests writing daily, dated entries that begin with a brief sentence to record and describe the events in your life that day, then using the rest of your writing to reflect on these events from a spiritual perspective or to reflect on the spiritual current that is flowing beneath the surface of your life. Consider including relevant and meaningful quotes, images, feelings, or anything else that “rings a bell in your life”. You may also find it helpful at the end of each month to summarize the month and any key themes that emerged. But this is only one way to keep a spiritual journal. Experiment with different approaches to find one that works for you. In Life’s Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest, Christina Baldwin states that there are only two rules for spiritual journaling: Date your entries as you go, and don’t make any other rules.



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