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Please remember:

Please submit an electronic version of your proposal, (including cover page and letter of support) as a single PDF document to

Please note that research grant applications must be received electronically by the TOUR office by 5 p.m.

Applications which are not sent as a single PDF document will not be considered.

The proposal MUST be accompanied by a letter from the faculty mentor supporting the research

Research Grant Proposals

• The proposal should not exceed five pages in length, including the bibliography.
• Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.
• Double-spaced with one-inch margins


The proposal MUST consist of the following components – please note that project applications that do not include all parts described below will be considered incomplete and not eligible for funding:

Cover Page (link) All aspects of the cover page must be filled in for your application to be considered.

Project Title

Project Summary

  • State the research question clearly.
    • For example: In this research project, I hope to: show whether the inclusion of Y results in .../ demonstrate how X influences.../compare and contrast the techniques of.../see if the use of strategy X will facilitate...
  • Limit the use of abbreviations, jargon, and technical language.
  • Clearly state the purpose of this research
    • For example: The purpose of this research is: to study whether.../examine the effects of .../to follow the influence of the work.../determine the connection between...
  • Confine your summary to 200 words maximum.


  • Explain the previous work that has led to the current question/goal.
  • Define the purpose of the research clearly and concisely.
  • Predict outcomes as applicable.
  • Discuss significance of the proposed project.
  • Provide key literature references that are cited in a bibliography.
  • Limit introduction to 1.5 page maximum

• Methods

  • Provide a concise explanation of what will actually be done.
  • Describe methods to be used and give rationale for choosing a particular method, if applicable.
  • Reflect familiarity with the literature in the field as you describe the methodology you have selected; provide key literature references where appropriate; make sure that the references are cited in the bibliography section.
  • Provide justification for the materials/travel requested in the budget.
  • If two or more students will be working on the project, this section must clearly state the role of each participant.

• Budget

  • Provide itemized budget statement of the type and amount of support needed (type and cost of equipment and supplies, cost and justification of travel, lodging, etc.) to complete the project as proposed.
  • Check carefully the inventories of the departments before requesting equipment that may already be available.
  • Money may be spent on approved items only, as determined when the grant is awarded unless prior approval is received from the Undergraduate Research Committee Chair.
  • Maximum Research Grant project award is $500.00. If the budget required to complete the project as proposed exceeds $500.00, explain how the remaining funds will be obtained.
  • Project Timeline
  • Clearly state the period of the proposed project. If travel to collect data is to be funded, include dates and destinations of expected data collection trips.
  • Note proposed research landmarks throughout the period.


  • Bibliography
    • Include complete citations for each of the key literature references included in the Introduction and Methods sections.
    • Use proper citation methods (ask your faculty mentor about what is appropriate for your discipline).
  • Faculty support letter
The proposal MUST be accompanied by a letter from the faculty mentor supporting the research


Note for group project applications (two or more students working on the same project)

To be eligible for funding, a proposal submitted by a group of undergraduate students must satisfy one of the two following requirements:

  1. The proposal demonstrates that each member of the group is responsible for one unique facet of a larger multi-dimensional research project.
  2. The proposal clearly demonstrates that each member of the group will contribute equally to the project.





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