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The National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) is a pre-professional association for nursing students affiliated with the Student Government Association. The goal of the NSNA is to facilitate unity, leadership and active participation within the student body. To facilitate this goal, members serve on faculty organization committees and the College of Health Professions Council, organize community and social activities, and promote professional growth through educational experiences and affiliations with the Maryland Association of Nursing Students (MANS).

National Student Nurses Association Mission

In accord with the National Student Nurses Association’s mission and the mission of the Towson University (TU) the mission of the Nursing Student Association is to:


  • Organize, represent, and mentor Towson University students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses, as well as those nurses enrolled in Towson University's RN-BS completion program.
  • Promote development of the skills that students will need as responsible and accountable members of the nursing profession outlined in the Code of Academic and Clinical Conduct
  • Advocate for high quality health care in a multicultural society

The structure allows for attainment of the aforementioned mission and goal and provides for class representation and overall membership involvement. All nursing students are eligible to become members of NSNA.

Why should I Become a Member?

When you join the NSNA, you'll enjoy some of the following benefits.

  1. You'll have opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with fellow nursing students.
  2. It will increase your awareness of past and current issues in nursing.
  3. It prepares you for the reality of the nursing profession.
  4. You'll learn about many different nursing roles.
  5. You'll have opportunities to interact with many other nursing professionals
  6. You'll have opportunities for teamwork through community projects, fundraising, and other activities


National Student Nurses Association Officer Duties

President  Chief-executive officer. The President attends all meetings and events, delegates’ tasks, as appropriate, to other officers, helps problem-solve, and serves as the main line of communication between members and officers. The President also receives all SGA emails and is responsible for communicating that information to other officers and collaborating with the treasurer to ensure that NSNA does not undergo any budgeted sanctions. The President presides over all meetings and assists the Vice President with creating the agenda for meetings. The President picks dates and sets goals for certain tasks to be complete and is responsible for ensuring that all officers complete their assigned tasks in a timely manner.

Vice President Acts in the absence of the President, Chairperson of the Program Committee and Social Activities Committee, and schedules speakers for meetings.

Treasurer  Responsible in managing the cash flow of NSNA while making certain that NSNA is well funded for the semester. Treasurer will work closely with members, faculty and the Student Government. It is essential that the treasurer of NSNA to be responsible, self-motivated, and organized to become successful.

Public Relations Chair  The goal of the PR chair is to promote awareness of all activities of NSNA such as meetings, community service, fundraisers, and other events. This is accomplished through social media, email listserv, and flyers around campus. NSNA has several events each month, so it is essential to get as many people's attention as possible to allow our message and goals be spread in the community.

Community Health Chair  Responsible for coordinating on and off campus events. These events are all involved with the medical field in some way; whether the event is advancing nursing skills through giving shots or taking blood pressures, or raising awareness about a disease. NSNA is able to promote Towson University's nursing program on campus and around the community.

Secretary Records and keeps track of all meeting's minutes. Corresponds with outside parties on NSNA's behalf in terms of speakers, NSNA helpers, faculty (and delegate correspondence when needed). Keeps records of Officer's contacts. Assist President in agenda-making. Assists in delegated duties.

Fundraising Chair  Oversees fundraising activities to support the missions of the organization, develops and reviews fundraising strategies. Networks with other organizations to solicit support for fundraising activities and markets and raises money for both the organization and its missions.

Membership/Nominations Chair Responsible for organizing and maintaining a list to keep track of all NSNA members. The membership director also keeps a list of members who participate in NSNA events and who attend NSNA meetings. Each event and meeting are worth points that the membership director controls for NSNA members to receive chords for graduation. Point System for Participation                              

Sibling Mentorship Coordinator  Pairs NSNA members (big) with non-NSNA members (little) to facilitate communication and encourage non-NSNA members to participate in community service events.

Current list of NSNA Officers and Meeting Times (PDF)


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The goal of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) is to facilitate unity, leadership and active participation within the student body.







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