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Department of Physics, Astronomy and Geosciences

Bachelor of Science in Physics and Master of Science in Computer Science

The Department of Physics, Astronomy and Geosciences and the Department of Computer and Information Sciences offer a 4/1 program which leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and a Master of Science degree in computer science in five years. Students can satisfy the requirements for a physics major and graduate with their class. By taking additional computer science courses as their free electives, they will be able to take 6 to 9 units of graduate computer science courses in their senior year. (These graduate courses will not be counted toward their undergraduate degree requirements.) The remaining courses and thesis requirements for the Master of Science in computer science would then be completed in a fifth year.

This option is especially attractive to students who are considering dual majors in physics and computer science or who are planning careers in the area of computational sciences.

Those students interested in the 4/1 program should declare their intent by the end of the second (sophomore) year and meet with Ramesh Karne, computer science graduate coordinator, early in the fall of the third (junior) year.


Required Courses in Computer and Information Sciences and Mathematics
MATH 263 Discrete Mathematics 3
COSC 236*, 237 Introduction to Computer Science I, II 8
COSC 280 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture 3
COSC 336‡ Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis 4
COSC 338 Computer Organization and Architecture 4


*COSC 236 will replace the physics requirement of COSC 165. Students may take PHYS 337 and PHYS 437 in place of COSC 280 and COSC 338.
áStudents completing COSC 236 and COSC 237 with a grade equivalent of 3.00 or higher are exempt from taking COSC 336.

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