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Information for Intro Psych Students

Student on PCIntro Psych students are required to fulfill 6 research pool credits. Before you get started, it is important that you read the Policies and Procedures. The deadline for earning credits and/or handing in reports is the last day of classes this semester.  No credits can be earned and no research or colloquium reports will be accepted during finals week.

You will need to create a "Research Pool" account. This short handout shows you how to create an account: Creating an account.  The deadline for creating an account is the third friday of the semester.

This document shows you how to use the Research Pool website: Student Guide.

This video shows you how to use the Research Pool website:


Research report 

Colloquium report

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Information for All Other Students

Students are encouraged to participate in research studies conducted by psychology department faculty and students. Some instructors are willing to give extra credit for participation--contact your instructor for details. To sign-up for research studies you will need to create a "Research Pool" account. This short handout shows you how to create an account: Creating an account

This document shows you how to use the research pool website: Student Guide.

This video shows you how to use the Research Pool website:

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Information for Researchers

Psychology faculty, graduate students, and students conducting independent research (including honor's theses) may use the research pool to recruit participants for their studies. Undergraduate students conducting research for class projects (e.g., Psyc 314) are not usually allowed to use the research pool. Exceptions may be granted by petitioning the research pool administrator (email ).

This document shows researchers and PI's how to use the researchpool website: Researcher Guide

The research pool is a limited resource. Therefore, we have adopted the following policies (exceptions may be granted by petitioning the research pool administrator):

All Studies

Before you start signing up participants, please email the research pool administrator with an estimate of how many participants you will need for your study and how many credits each participant will earn. The research pool administrator may limit the number of credits awarded for a study so that there are sufficient credits for all ongoing studies. 

Online Studies

Given that samples for online studies may be obtained through other outlets, the researchpool is usually limited to studies that are conducted in-person. If you are doing an online study that does not necessarily require the use of Towson students as participants, you should consider the following options before requesting that your study be posted on Researchpool:

• Online participants may be recruited by posting a link to your study on one of the following sites:

General psychology studies

Social psychology studies

• Many researchers have had success using snowball sampling. That is, they send the survey to everyone they know and ask their contacts to pass it along to others.
• Links to online studies may be posted on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter or on Craigslist (a fee applies for the latter).
• Specialized populations may be accessed by contacting national organizations or support groups.
• Another option is Amazon’s Mechanical Turk; this option requires a small payment to each participant (usually less than $1).

If none of these options work for your study, you could investigate whether a computer lab is available where you could run your participants in-person rather than online. CLA computer labs are listed here:

Requests to add online studies to the researchpool can be made at any time in the semester by emailing Unless there is clear justification for adding the online study to the researchpool (i.e., the study cannot be completed via other outlets), the researchpool coordinator will generally wait until midway through the semester to respond to such requests. At that time, the coordinator will examine the current level of demand for research credits in relation to the projected supply of credits. If there is a surplus of credits, then the coordinator will allow online studies to be added to the researchpool although the coordinator may impose limits as he/she deems appropriate.

Brief Studies (< 15 minutes)

If you are doing a study that takes less than 15 minutes for participants to complete, you should attempt to combine your study with another brief study and sign up participants for 30 minute sessions. The research pool administrator will help facilitate this process.

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