University Senate

Faculty Development and Research Committee

  • 2 faculty appointed from each academic college on recommendation of Faculty Association President to University President.
  • 1 Dean without right to vote; Deans rotate on two-year terms as established by the Provost
Voting Members
Name Department College Term Expires
Julie Potter Electronic Media and Film COFAC 2015
Quing Li Educational Technology & Literacy COE 2015
Lisa Crabtree Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science CHP 2015
Moustapha Pemy Mathematics FCSM 2017
Tatyana Sorokina Mathematics FCSM 2016
Bharait Jain Finance CBE 2016
Maria Fracasso Psychology CLA 2016
Jaime DeLuca Kinesiology CHP 2017
Nicole Fabricant Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice CLA 2017
Lea Ann Christenson Early Childhood Education COE 2016
Daniel Mydlack Electronic Media and Film COFAC 2015
Marty Freedman Accounting CBE 2018
Janet DeLany Dean, Graduate Studies



  1. To communicate with the faculty to determine its need for faculty development and research support.
  2. To encourage the development of faculty as teachers and scholars.
  3. To acquire financial support for faculty development and research whenever possible.
  4. To establish criteria and guidelines for the distribution of support funds and to award these grants based on the review of the proposals.
  5. To further Towson University as an institution that encourages and supports both teaching research.
  6. To oversee the development of and to review all federally or statutorily mandated policies relating to externally funded research grants, with the exception of policy areas that the University President has assigned to committees outside the University Senate's purview.


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