University Senate

Teacher Education Executive Board

  • 1 faculty from each academic department with undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs, appointed by department chair
  • 1 undergraduate student and one graduate student, appointed by Dean of the College of Education
Name Department College
Theresa Adkins Secondary Education COE
Susan Bartels School Psychology CLA
Robert Blake Elementary Education COE
Katherine Broadwater Art + Design, Art History, Art Education (Undergraduate Program) COFAC
Cheryl Brown English CLA
Michael Carlo Foreign Languages CLA
Heather Crowe Kinesiology (Graduate Program) CHP
Janese Daniels Early Childhood Education COE
Scott Gehring Center for Professional Practice/Psychology CLA
Elizabeth (Kelly) Gray History CLA
Sarah Haines Biological Sciences FCSM
Pamela Lottero-Perdue Physics Astronomy and Geosciences FCSM
Raymond Martens Art + Design, Art History, Art Education (Graduate Program) COFAC
Melissa McCabe Music COFAC
Todd Moyer Mathematics FCSM
Jane Neapolitan Instructional Leadership and Professional Development COE
Suzanne Obenshain Educational Technology and Literacy COE
Sandra Perez Dance COFAC
Karen Pottash Audiology - Speech-Language Pathology and Deaf Studies CHP
Sonali Raje Chemistry FCSM
Rosemary Rappa Special Education COE
Judy Reber College of Education, Master of Arts in Teaching COE
Karen Schafer Center for Professional Practice  
Tab Uhrich Kinesiology (Undergraduate Program) CHP
Deitra Wengert Health Sciences CHP
Vacant Geography and Environmental Planning CLA
Vacant Undergraduate Student  
Vacant Graduate Student  
Ex Officio
Raymond Lorion, Chair Dean, College of Education, voting COE
Karen Robertson Associate Dean, College of Education, voting COE
Jeffrey Kenton Assistant Dean, College of Education, voting COE


  1. To provide University-wide coordination of undergraduate and graduate programs in Education at Towson University. 
  2. To establish policies for admission to teacher education programs and student teaching/practical experiences with the approval of appropriate Senate committees. 
  3. To establish policies for supervision of student teaching/practica experiences. 
  4. To coordinate departmental policies for field experiences, relations with schools, research activities, advising and placement, and staff development activities associated with teacher education programs. 
  5. To coordinate the development and modification of programs and their integration into the total setting of basic and advanced study for educators and education specialists at Towson. 
  6. To serve as a review and referral board for departments, faculty, and students in matters regarding the improvement of the University setting for Education programs. 
  7. To coordinate the collection and dissemination of information regarding relevant research, graduates in the field, results of program evaluations, and trends in basic and advanced programs for educators and education specialists. 
  8. To make recommendations regarding facilities, equipment, and other resources necessary to maintain quality education programs. 
  9. To maintain positive working relationships between the University and school systems and other education agencies. 
  10. To act on recommendations of the Teacher Education Advisory Council.




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