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Chalking Procedures

Chalking has become a standard advertising and communication tool for student groups at Towson University. While the university supports student involvement, students, student groups, or departments wishing to chalk on campus must adhere to the following established guidelines:

  1. Chalking must adhere to published university policy and guidelines.
  2. Chalking is allowed on horizontal surfaces where rain or natural elements will wash it off (i.e., not under the Lecture Hall, under the back patio of the Union, sides of buildings, or on the vertical risers of stairs).
  3. Chalking must be non-offensive language. (No obscenities, profanity or hate speech.). The university reserves the right to remove anything offensive and bill the responsible individual or group.
  4. Chalking is prohibited from occurring in entryways, porches or overhangs of buildings.
  5. Chalking must be done with water-soluble and non-permanent chalk. The
    university will clean any permanent material used and the individual or group responsible will be billed.
  6. Students, student groups or departments found in violation of this policy will be asked to remove the writings within 24 hours and judicial action will be taken. If after 24 hours the chalking is not removed and Facilities Management cleans the surface, the group will be charged for the cost of their services.

Questions regarding this policy or alleged violations should be directed to the Office of Student Activities, 217 University Union,

Approved by President’s Council, May 1999.





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