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Procedures for Events With Alcohol

Persons of legal age shall be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages at any university approved function where an alcohol use request has been obtained by the reserving party. Alternative beverages and food must be made available during the hours of the event or activity. All persons using alcoholic beverages on campus must comply with the procedures for alcohol events, university policy, and state/local laws.


Approval may be granted for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the following areas:

• University Union
• Burdick Field
• Johnny Unitas® Stadium - parking areas only
• Towson Center (faculty/staff/community events only)
• Dining Center

Several of these areas have time and seasonal restrictions, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in Unitas Stadium and the Towson Center during university intercollegiate athletic games.

Approval for the consumption of alcohol at student group events will not be granted for academic areas of the campus, specifically academic buildings, library, and the common areas surrounding academic buildings.

All events where alcoholic beverages are dispensed must end by 11 p.m. on Sunday through Wednesday, by1 a.m. on Thursday, and 2 a.m. on Friday or Saturday. Sales will be discontinued one hour prior to the end of the event, regardless of the event ending time. The dispensing and consumption of alcoholic beverages will be allowed
after 5 p.m. on Mondays through Thursday, 3 p.m. on Friday and not before 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Special permission must be granted by the assistant vice president, Student Involvement and Transitions, for student events during normal academic class hours.
Student events including alcohol will be no longer than four hours in duration.

Faculty/Staff and Non-affiliated Organizations

Faculty/staff and non-affiliated organizations must receive approval for events when alcoholic beverages are dispensed. University Dining Services will be responsible for compliance with policies and laws during events managed by their department.

Student Organizations
Student organizations must adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Alcohol consumption should be ancillary to any event.
  2. Reserve the space with Event and Conference Services, room 212, University Union at least one month in advance.
  3. Appoint a representative who will be responsible for the group complying with the university policy and state/local law. The intent to serve alcohol during the event will be stated at the time of the booking.
  4. Final approval must be received from the assistant vice president, Student Involvement and Transitions, two weeks in advance of the scheduled event.
  5. Student groups must demonstrate compliance with any policies and/or procedures from any national/international/governing groups in which they are affiliated.
  6. Closed student organization parties must comply with university policies and state/local laws and must maintain the university's system of identification for patrons of legal drinking age during the events.
  7. The assistant vice president, Campus Life, has the authority to restrict the quantity of alcoholic beverages ordered, to review the method of distribution, and to assure compliance with regulations for management of the space as to the number of persons attending an event.
  8. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to make sure that no advertisement for an event makes the availability of alcohol beverages the main focus. It is up to the discretion of the assistant vice president, Campus Life, or his/her designee, as to what is and what is not acceptable.
    All advertising, including advertising of off-campus events, must be reviewed and approved by the assistant vice president, Campus Life, or his/her designee, before distribution. Advertising and fliers should be attached to the events with alcohol approval form. Noncompliance with the university's advertisement policies may result in judicial charges being placed against student and/or student organization
  9. Admission to events with alcohol will be limited to Towson students, and "non-students" accompanied by a Towson student. Students may sponsor only one non-student guest. Guests must be 17 years of age to enter. All TU students will be held accountable for the behavior of their guests.
  10. Those patrons of legal drinking age will be issued a wristband. Only one wristband will be issued per person. A list of patrons/students given wristbands will be kept at the main entrance to the event.
  11. Removal of the wristband will result in the loss of drinking privileges for the remainder of the event.
  12. The wristband must be displayed when buying a drink ticket and when redeeming the ticket for a drink.
  13. Only one drink may be purchased at a time.
  14. Under usual circumstances, students and/or guests will only be allowed to purchase the number of drink tickets equal to the number of the hours of the event, i.e., four-hour event, four drink tickets per patron of legal drinking age.
  15. Any minor found consuming alcoholic beverages, or patron of legal age supplying alcohol to a minor, will: have his/her identification information recorded, be removed from the event, and will be forwarded to Judicial Affairs. Towson students may face additional punitive action as a result of a judicial hearing. Non-students may face criminal charges as well as being removed from the event.
  16. Each authorized organization after obtaining approval for events with alcohol shall be required to agree, as a condition thereof, to assist the university as requested. That responsibility shall be considered a joint responsibility of the sponsoring organization and the university.
  17. At all events where alcoholic beverages are sold/dispensed, food of some kind and non-alcoholic beverages must be available.
  18. Alcohol may only be consumed in designated areas.
  19. Violations may result in suspensions or cancellation of the event or denial of future reservations privileges. Violators will be dealt with through the university judicial system, and may be subject to criminal prosecution.
  20. Security services, either university or non-university, for events are mandatory and will be charged to the sponsoring organization.
  21. Dispensing of beer and/or wine at university student events must be performed by Towson University employees or a third party vendor hired by the organization through the University Union.
  22. Patrons involved in fights, or those who damage facilities or equipment or act in an otherwise disruptive manner, will be required to leave the event and the facility housing the event. University Police personnel will be responsible for escorting disruptive patrons from the facility when necessary. The appropriate legal action
    may be taken.
  23. Under no circumstances will patrons, deemed to be intoxicated, be served alcoholic beverages nor will intoxicated patrons be allowed admission to an event.
  24. Under no circumstances may a group purchase alcohol to be distributed free of charge to its members or guests.
  25. Bring your own bottle (BYOB) events will not be permitted unless approved by the director of the Office of Student Activities in advance and maintained by Union events staff.
    • Only those of legal drinking age will be allowed to bring alcohol.
    • Each person is limited to beverages that are pre-mixed and pre-packaged.
    • Alcohol will be given to an Event staff member to be checked.
    • Each participant will be given a punch card with the number and kind of drinks checked.
    • Once a participant leaves the premises, any remaining alcohol brought is forfeited.
    • Each participant will be served the number of drinks per hours of the event.
  26. Under no circumstances should university student organizational funds be used to pay for or supplement the cost of alcoholic beverages.
  27. Neither quantity of alcohol nor the frequency of use should be emphasized.
  28. Alcohol may not be offered as prizes for student events.
  29. Drinking contests are not allowed.

    Approved by Substance Education Concerns Committee, May 2001.





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