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Student Affairs Committees

Membership and goals for each of the Division of Student Affairs Committees can be found below.

Staff Development Committee

The Staff Development Committee exists to create opportunities for Divisional staff to meet for the purpose of continuing to build a sense of team, to increase communication across the Division, to share information, and to update knowledge and skills needed to do our jobs effectively. Additionally, the committee makes recommendations on ways to recognize staff, and creates social opportunities designed to enhance and build a sense of community.


  Brandon Haight Veteran's Services
  Alison Peer Student Conduct and Civility Education
  Patrick Chachulski Disability Support Services
  Christina Olstad (Chair) Student Affairs
  Donald Walker Housing & Residence Life
  Gail Schley Housing & Residence Life
  Andrew Lyburn Campus Recreation Services
  Deven Brown Center for Student Diversity
  Casey Cooper The Career Center
  Nimra Jamil Student Affairs
  Alison Rohrbach Health Center
  Chris Ferraro Housing & Residence Life
  Joyce Herald Student Activities
  Terrell Bratcher New Student Programs


Eating Disorders Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Eating Disorders Committee is to increase awareness and bring attention to the issues of eating disorders and body image on campus and create educational messaging and programs around the issues.


  Jamie Kaplan (Chair) Counseling Center
  Kirsten Roller Health Center
  Isaas Hawkins Housing & Residence Life
  Mahnoor Ahmed Center for Student Diversity
  Tara Stritch Athletics
  Kerry Ballek Nutritionist
  Randall Phillips Student Government Association
  Andrea Brace Faculty
  Kathleen Gould Faculty
  Kim Schifren Faculty

Student Affairs Assessment Committee

The role of the Assessment Committee is to:

  • Provide leadership and support in the development of annual assessment plans.
  • Provide guidance in utilizing Campus Labs and Compliance Assist tools.
  • Promote collaboration in assessment efforts among departments.
  • Centralize assessment resources and assistance.
  • Discuss and evaluate assessment strategies among departments.
  • Promote a positive attitude toward assessment within the Division.
  • Provide direction on data analysis and distribution of key findings


Teri Hall (Chair) Campus Life
Jana Varwig Student Affairs
Karen Oppenheimer Disability Support Services
Chris Jensen Civic Engagement and Leadership
Jaime Fenton Counseling Center
  Regina Curran Student Conduct and Civility Education
Jayson Schablik Housing & Residence Life
  Joel Bolling Center for Student Diversity
  Dirron Allen Student Activities
  Katie White Campus Recreation Services
  Sylvester Gaskin New Student Programs
  Matt Goldstein Health Center
  Lorie Logan-Bennett The Career Center
  Jayne Holzinger Campus Life
  Patrick Young Veterans Services
  Carly Heasley Fraternity and Sorority Life


Student Affairs Tech and Web Development Committee

The purpose of the Student Affairs Tech and Web Development Committee is to bring together Divisional representatives to enhance collaboration and sharing of information, ideas and concerns about technology and campus IT policy. The committee serves as a technology resource for the Division through training, guidance on web architecture, web analytics, hardware and software purchasing and the best use of technology to communicate with and serve students.

  Bonnie Lingelbach Student Affairs
  Derek Long (Co-Chair) Housing & Residence Life
  Crystal Tenan Disability Support Services
  Jayne French Center for Student Diversity
  Keith Jones Career Center
  Barbara Neal Housing & Residence Life
  Greg Primrose (Co-Chair) Student Affairs
  Chris Rindosh Student Activities
  Matthew Wynd Office of Technology Services
  Paulomi Dholakia Campus Life
  Grady Sheffield Campus Recreation Services
  Kevin Albano Civic Engagement and Leadership
  Regina Curran Student Conduct and Civility Education
  Greg Reising Counseling Center
  Matt Goldstein Health Center
  Cordell Easter Student Government Association.


Student Affairs Diversity Committee

The Division of Student Affairs Diversity Committee is established to explore the concept of “multiculturally competent students” and determine the types of programs, policies, and interventions that are needed to prepare students to fully engage as members of a multicultural society. This will be done by:

  • Acclimating and educating student affairs staff on the models of multiculturalism and cultural competency to promote the integration of these concepts into their daily work to support student development
  • Advise Student Affairs leadership of culturally related issues impacting the campus community.
  • Sharing and disseminating information about cultural events in the Division.
  • Exploring the concept of the multi-culturally competent community and ways to create a healthy cultural environment for ALL members of the Towson community.

  Bethany Doyle
Student Conduct and Civility Education
  Anaee Korme Center for Student Diversity
  Robyn McCray Disability Support Services
  RJ Canning Campus Recreation Services
  Patrick Young Veterans Services
  Sheila Graham Counseling Center
  Christina Olstad Student Affairs
  Lisa Simmons-Barth Housing & Residence Life
  Taylor James Student Government Association
  Joel Bolling (Chair) Center for Student Diversity
  Alison Rohrbach Health Center
  Kathryn Woerdeman The Career Center
  Noam Bentov Center for Student Diversity
  Sanaullah Kirmani Center for Student Diversity
  Corinne DeRoberts Student Activities
  Sylvester Gaskin New Student Programs
  Chris Jensen Civic Engagement and Leadership

Sexual Harassment & Assault Prevention & Education (SHAPE) Committee

SHAPE is the coordinating committee whose members develop, coordinate and implement educational marketing campaigns, resources, education and prevention programs and training for students on sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. Topics include but are not limited to making students aware of what constitutes sexual misconduct and relationship or interpersonal violence; the impact on victims/survivors and the community, resources for students affected by sexual misconduct and relationship and interpersonal violence; bystander intervention and other prevention and risk reduction education; and response and reporting obligations by student staff.


Jana Varwig (Chair) Student Affairs
Regina Curran Student Conduct and Civility Education
Alison Peer Student Conduct and Civility Education
Rafael Cordwell Housing & Residence Life
Kathryn Larson Housing & Reisdence Life
Mahnoor Ahmed Center for Student Diversity
Tricia Brandenburg Athletics
Michelle Disson Fair Practices
Allison Frey Counseling Center
Carly Haesley Fraterniy and & Sorority Life
  Mothnya James Turnaround, Inc.
  Terrell Bratcher New Student Programs
  Caroline Morris Campus Recreation Services
  Matt Lenno Fraternity & Sorority Life
  Omnia Shedid Student Government Association
  Nick Mercer Student Government Association
  Debbie Seeberger Diversity and Equal Opportunity
  Kia Williams University Police
  Maria Wydra Counseling Center
  Jacqueline Fulop Student Activities
  Kirsten Roller Health Center

Substance Education Concerns Committee (SECC)

SECC creates and maintains a committed campus environment that promotes academic success, well-being and the development of healthy choices and responsible behavior. The Committee serves as an advisory committee to the President on issues relating to alcohol and other drugs including recommendations regarding policy, strategies and actions. Additionally the Committee serves as the University’s coordinating committee for alcohol and substance related issues. This would include the review and evaluation of overall messages about alcohol consumption; education and prevention programming: data collection and analysis about alcohol and other drugs on campus; and the maintenance of relationships with external organizations on issues related to alcohol and other drugs.


  Jana Varwig (Co-Chair) Student Affairs
  Dirron Allen Student Activities
  Donna Cox (Co-Chair) Health Science
  Jerry Dieringer Housing & Residence Life
  Allison Frey Counseling Center
  Bernie Gerst University Police
  Teri Hall Campus Life
  Matt Goldstein Health Center
  Elaine Lawton Baltimore County Alcohol
  Matt Lenno Fraternity and Sorority Life
  Jim McTygue Event & Conference Services
  Katie Murray New Student Programs
  Emily Sears Counseling Center
  Grady Sheffield Campus Recreation Services
  Antwaine Smith Total Tiger Program
  Greg Reising Counseling Center
  Margie Tversky TUNE
  Kia Williams University Police
  Joe Herring University Police
  Regina Curran Student Conduct and Civility Education
  Santiago Solis Center for Student Diversity
  Kirsten Roller Health Center

Student Affairs Marketing Committee

The purpose of this committee is to:

  • Create and execute strategies that enhance overall divisional marketing efforts.
  • Develop marketing collaborations among divisional departments to increase event attendance.
  • Assess current students to determine effectiveness of current marketing practices and determine potential future endeavors.


  Dirron Allen (Chair) Student Activities
  Greg Primrose Student Affairs VP Office
  Keith Jones The Career Center
  Megan Byrd Student Activities
  Julie Miller Campus Recreation Services


Integrated Programming Council (IPC)

The goals of the IPC are:

  • Examine the annual cycle of programs to identify opportunities for weekend programming.
  • Build collaborations across departments and groups to program a minimum of three events on Friday and a minimum of three events on Saturday.
  • Come up with complimentary programs to the major programs.
  • Identify creative ways to market programs – Gather data on what students want – some already exists such as in Alcohol Edu.
  • Collaborate/Communicate on large scale programs/initiatives.


Beth Steiner Student Activities
Jackie Fulop Student Activities
Katie White Campus Recreation Services
Jasyon Schablik Housing & Residence Life
Allison Frey Counseling Center
Mahnoor Ahmed Center for Student Diversity
Kim Cavanaugh Athletics
Megan Byrd Student Activities
Sheila Graham Counseling Center
Stephanie Easterday Civic Engagement and Leadership
Kirsten Roller Health Center
Brianne Wade Campus Activities Board
Jon Connelly University Residence Government
Chris McQueen Fraternity and Sorority Life
Keith Jones The Career Center






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