Women's Studies Advising Transcript

Welcome to Women’s Studies at Towson University. The Women’s Studies program at Towson is one of the very oldest in the country. The first course in women’s studies at Towson was offered in 1971 and the program began in 1973.

The Women’s Studies major requires successful completion of 39 course units; 6 units of required core courses and 33 course units of electives. At least 12 credit hours must be at the 300-400 level. Courses in women’s studies offer students the opportunity to study the status and roles of women as individuals and as groups. Courses emphasize both commonalities among women and differences based on race, class, and sexuality.

Of the 6 required course units, all majors must take the Feminist Theory course. For the remaining three credit hours, majors may choose to enroll in either of two introductory level courses – Women in Perspective, or International Perspectives on Women.

If students are enrolled in the honors college, they make take the honors version of these two courses.

The 33 hours of electives are distributed across 4 categories. The first of these, listed as Section B in the catalog, is Multiculturalism and Diversity. From this category, majors must select 6 credit hours from a list which includes such topics as: Women of Color, Gender in Cross-cultural perspective, or Gays and Lesbians in American History.

The next category, Section C, is the Natural and Social Sciences. Majors are required to take 9 credit hours of natural and social science courses on topics such as reproductive technologies and the future of motherhood, the Biology of women, domestic violence, or women and crime.

From the Arts and Humanities category, or Section D, majors must take 6 credit hours offered from a wide range of disciplines that include history, English, philosophy, and music. Women and gender in film, women in ancient Greece, Women writers and The History of the Modern Family are just a few examples.

From the last category, Section E, Interdisciplinary Women’s Studies courses, majors are required to select 12 credit hours.

Internships: Women’s studies in the academy grew out of the community activism, political and social service work of women in the late 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, which had as its goal, meeting the unmeet needs of women and ensuring their equal rights.

This tradition of integrating theory and practice, knowledge and community service is found in the various internship opportunities available in the women’s studies program.

Students may take up to 6 internship credit hours.

The women's studies internship coordinator is Dr. Cecilia Rio. Students interested in investigating internship opportunities should contact her.

The Career Center also maintains an updated list of placement opportunities in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., areas.

Honors work is available to Women’s Studies students. Interested students may consult the chair of Women’s Studies for more information, preferably during their sophomore year.

At least 18 of the 39 course credits required to complete the Women’s Studies major must be taken at Towson University.

All students who wish to major in Women's Studies must contact the department's administrative assistant and make an appointment with the chair.

This includes transfer students who have indicated Women's Studies as their desired major.  You will not be officially listed as a major until you meet with the chair of Women's Studies and are assigned a faculty advisor.

In your meeting with the chair, you must bring with you the advising questionnaire, to be completed after your viewing of this presentation.  Failure to bring the advising questionnaire will result in you having to reschedule your appointment.

To schedule your appointment with the chair please contact Rebecca Julian, the administrative assistant. Her contact information is presented on this screen. 


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